RSC Inclement Weather Policy

Hi everyone - 
If there is a practice change due to weather that change will be posted on the website in the news section on the front page no later than 30 minutes before the practice is scheduled to occur.
We will swim in the rain but we will not swim in thunder/lightning conditions.  When these incidents occur we move the athletes in the locker rooms for their protection.  Once the storm has passed we will continue with practice.  If after consulting radar and the time remaining in practice is considered canceling practice is an option we will decide on site and potentially cancel.  The RSC coaching staff will never leave a child unattended at a practice site if a cancellation occurs.

In the winter we will consider the condition of the roads and the potential threat of heavy snowfall/icing of roads during practice.  We ask parents and young drivers to use discretion when coming to practice on questionable roads - you can always make up a practice if necessary!
If you have any questions regarding the cancellation of a practice please follow these steps:
1.  Check the website -  Check the NEWS section on the bottom of the front page.
2.  Check your email.
3.  Check the club's Facebook page.
4.  If those notices aren't present 30 minutes ahead of practice, odds are good we are running practice.  Be sure to have your athlete check with the coaching staff on arrival if weather conditions have worsened to confirm practice.
Thanks for your time and if you have any questions please contact your swimmer's lead group coach. Thank you for your time!