Fall Newsletter


Hello to all and welcome to SWMKE's 2017-18 Short Course season. After an extremely successful Long Course season, I know all of the swimmers are in position to have their best SC season ever. Everyone who participated in the clinic is light years ahead of where they were a year ago. I am truly amazed at how good all of them look in the water. I am sure those that are beginning tomorrow will look just as good. Very exciting!!

This past year, the goal of the small but mighty SWMKE team of climbing the competitive ladder was definitely met. Everyone took great strides forward including one swimmer qualifying for the US Junior National Championships, three qualifying for the US Zone C 14 & Under Championships and 13 qualfying for the Wisconsin State Championships. Most were first time qualifiers for these meets.

Now on to the 2017-18 season and even greater success. The team is about the same size but the staff has grown. I want to welcome our recent graduate, Sandro Storniolo, Casey Madden and Emily White to the staff. Sandro and Casey will be on deck to help Ann & myself with all 3 groups. Emily will be the head yoga instructor with Ann assisting. This gives us an even better coach/athlete ratio resulting in significantly more individual attention for each swimmer in yoga and in the pool.

VERY IMPORTANT PRACTICE AND MEET INFORMATION (please read carefully - especially the info on the Carmel Meet in Indianapolis under Meets - action is required if you will be attending)

PRACTICE SCHEDULE:  Over the past few days, there has been many changes in the practice schedule. I was informed last Tuesday that Deer Creek has added swim lessons on Thursdays that will begin at 5 PM. That impacted our Thursday practices which of course impacted the entire week. The Thomas More/St Francis swim coach really helped the situation by agreeing to do some pool sharing since the HS team is small. I think the over-all result is a much better schedule. I tried to keep each week as consistent as possible. However, with the HS teams in season, there are slight changes every week. It is very important to check the schedule every week for your swimmer's practice times.

YOGA:  In an effort to make our yoga sessions even more beneficial, Group M & K will be separated. This will result in smaller numbers in each class. Emily and Ann will both be at most classes greatly increasing the individual attention each swimmer will receive.

MEETS:  A few reminders on our meet procedures. Swimmers are expected to compete in all meets listed for their group. Except for meets listed as optional, swimmers will be automatically committed and entered for each meet. The coach will also select the swimmers events. Any swimmer who cannot attend a meet must decline the meet themselves by the due date along with a note as to why in the message box. If a swimmer cannot attend a portion of the meet, that must be noted in the message box by the due date. Once an entry is sent to the host team, swimmers are responsible for all entry fees whether or not they compete in the meet.

We have added a few new meets on the schedule to mix things up a bit. The biggest addition is the 11/3-5 Carmel Meet in Indianapolis (see below). One change that Wisconsin Swimming made is that we have been assigned to the Febuary WI State Regional Championship Meet hosted by Ozaukee at Homestead High School instead of the Waukesha Regional Meet.

11/3-5 CARMEL MEET:  This meet is our first team travel meet. It is optional for all groups but highly recommended. It is held at IUPUI in Indianapolis. The facility is one of the finest in the world both for athletes and spectators (it is where the US World Championship Trials were held this past summer). This meet does not take entry reservations and fills within minutes so there is no guarantee we will get in. I have taken swimmers to this meet numerous times and always got in so I am optimistic. Our entry must go in the minute the entry window opens, probably in September. Since it is an optional meet, those who want to swim in the meet must commit themselves asap. Coaches will not be committing any swimmers. Girls swimming HS will not be able to compete unless their season is over by 11/3. The other action that you must take is to reserve a room. Indianapolis has numerous huge events going on the weekend of 11/3-5 so rooms are very scarce. A team block of 15 rooms has been reserved. A room can be reserved on a first come/first serve individual basis by following the link below. There is no guarantee we can get more rooms if needed but if you do not get a room in time, let me know and I will see what I can do. It is not mandatory that you stay with the team but hopefully all will. Rooms will either have 2 double beds or 1 king and a double pullout. Rooms may be cancelled if we do not get in the meet.


Again, welcome all to the 2017-18 Short Course season. Please stay up to date by checking our website on a regular basis and reading all team emails. If you have any questions, let me know.

Let's get started!! smiley

Coach Bob