ORCA Partners
Labor Day Parade


Here's a reminder for our participation in the parade on Monday.  We will be gathering at 8am on 34th Street, which I believe is the entrance side of Washington Junior High School.  Our place in line is D-41.  It will make sense when you arrive there.  Angela Lynch will be driving a truck to follow behind.  Only her vehicle will be able to park on that street.  You will have to find parking perhaps in the lot of Hyvee or east to west streets near 18th avenue but not north to south.  I plan to retrieve the Orca banners from the pool to put on the truck.  Please were red Orca shirts if you have them.  We will have flyers to pass out along the parade.  Please hand them directly to parents that you see with younger children.  Also, let me thank you in advance for purchasing candy to pass out to children as well.  If you have any questions please email me.  Have a great weekend and see you on Monday

Da Prez - Eric Rowell