New Practice Group: Foundations

Due to very popular demand, our MINI and BRONZE practice groups have filled for the upcoming season (spots may open up in the future). However, to make sure swimmers placed into these groups still have a place to swim in the fall, we have created a new group called FOUNDATIONS.

Group Objective: To provide a practice group for swimmers who were placed into Bronze or Mini but were shut out due to size limitations. The group will focus on swimming with great technique and will also work on starts and turns. THIS GROUP MUST HAVE AT LEAST FIVE REGISTERED SWIMMERS. If there are fewer than five swimmers the group will not take place. 

Group Coach: Matt Sprang

Practice Days and Times: Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 5:30-6:15 pm THIS GROUP WILL START ON SEPTEMBER 19TH

Cost: $80 per month (September is pro-rated due to the later start date)

Swimmers in Foundations will be able to move into the Bronze or Mini group if a spot becomes available. We will offer spots to swimmers in the order they originally register for Foundations. Swimmers must be currently active in the group to be offered a spot in Bronze or Mini. 

Practice days and times will most likely be altered in December, January, and February due to high school swimming.