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Welcome to the 2017-18 Swim Season

Welcome to the 2017-18 Swim Season!


I would like to personally welcome everyone to the 2017-18 Swim Season. Our first day of practice is Tuesday September 5, 2017. As a coaching staff our greatest goal is to create an environment that exudes excitement and positivity where swimmers can learn, grow and find success in the sport of swimming.


As a team we have a specific philosophy centered on a few key elements:


-        Athlete Centered

o   We are an athlete-centered team where coaches make decisions made in the athlete’s best interest. We believe in long-term athlete development and are focused on the process not just the outcome. As coaches we reward and notice effort over results. The ultimate goal is to create positive learning experiences that will benefit the swimmer long after they leave the program.

-        Team First

o   All individuals are part of the team. As coaches we strive to teach the swimmers they need each other to achieve success. We encourage and focus on team building, unity and common goals. All parts must work together to have success.

-        Coach Led

o   All decisions concerning meets, meet events, practices, training and technique are made by the coaches. The coaching staff collaborates and works together to design and implement practice and training plans.


Below I wanted to highlight a few key team policies’, procedures and key information for the swim season.


Swim Meet Registration Policy

For all swim meets beginning with the October RAA home meet the coaches will enter ALL swimmers into the meet. Parents will not need to declare their swimmer for any swim meet. If a swimmer cannot attend parents will have the opportunity to decline the meet or decline specific days based on the swimmers availability. This will start in October for the RAA home meet and continue all season.


Swimmers and parents can still make notes and requests for each meet.  For every meet there will not be a deadline to commit, rather for each swim meet there will be a deadline to de-commit to the meet. If a parent fails to de-commit their swimmer by the deadline they will still be charged for that meet. If there are specific questions please speak with your swimmers coach before or after practice.



RAA Parents at Practice Policy

During practice it is very important that each and every swimmer be given an opportunity to learn and be instructed without distractions. I also want to have an environment where each coach is able to teach and instruct the swimmers without any interference and be able to give their clear and undivided attention to the athletes. 


Motivated by these ideas the coaching staff kindly asks that all parents please sit in specific areas during practice time. Those areas will be on the north side by the entrance, as well as on the wall by the boy’s bathroom. No parents should sit or stand directly behind or in front of the coaches during practice.


If parents have any questions for coaches we ask that parents speak to coaches before or after practice, please refrain from speaking with a coach during practice times.


RAA Swimmers at Practice Policy

All swimmers are expected to arrive 15 min before the start of their practice session. This is so swimmers have the time to stretch, change into appropriate attire or help with covers or lane lines. Practice for each group will start promptly at the designated start times.


If a swimmer cannot make their designated practice time for any reason, they will still be able to practice with a lower level group that day.


If a swimmer arrives more than 15 minutes late for their practice without letting their coach know, the swimmer will still be able to swim that day, but the swimmer must practice with a lower level group with a later start time.


Membership Account Suspension Policy

Leave of Absences:  (i.e. vacation, high school swimming, water polo, other sports, etc): If a swimmer decides to take a leave of absence for a period of less than three (3) months, they will be responsible for paying half dues for the months missed.

Exception: medical event with doctor’s note.





Home Meets

BRW Meet, October 13-15, 2017 - 8 hour volunteer requirement

Dec Invite Championship Meet, December 8-10, 2017 - 9 hour volunteer requirement

Junior Olympics, July 25-29, 2018 - 12 hour volunteer requirement




If parents have any questions regarding their swimmer or questions for just about anything please do not hesitate to speak with your child’s coach. All coaches are available before or after practice to answer any questions parents might have. The main form of communication for the team will be through email and specifically the Weekly Update that will be sent out the beginning of each week.


The coaching staff is excited for this season and is looking forward to working with all the great swimmers and parents who make up Riverside Aquatics Association.


Rodney Pilman

Head Coach