WAC Waves News 9.6.2017

WAC News WAVES - September 6th 2017
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Welcome to our new and returning athletes and their families!  We are thrilled to be building off of a very successful season last year.  We have made some changes to the goals and objectives of each of our training groups, and we are very excited to see the continued improvement of athletes at all levels of our program.

This is the first (and hopefully longest!) of our electronic newsletters.  The newsletters will be distributed every couple of weeks, and if there is a topic you'd like to see covered please don't hesitate to make that suggestion.  We would love feedback!

Schedule Changes

It wouldn't be the first week of the season if we didn't have some scheduling roadblocks.  Thankfully we have just a few small changes to get us through the week of September 11th.
  • Monday September 11th: Gold2/Silver2 will practice 6-8 PM @ JC
  • Tuesday September 12th: Bronze 1 will practice from 6-7 PM @ JC (instead of OAK as scheduled)
  • Thursday September 14th: Gold2/Silver2 will practice from 6-8 @ JC
  • High School group is on modified schedule next week per Jim's e.mail.
All groups should be back to the planned schedule on September 18th.

Age Group Parent/Athletes Welcome Webinar

Thank you to the families who logged in and helped me through the logistical issues of our very first WAC Webinar.   If you missed out and would like to join, we will host a repeat (likely much smoother!) meeting Thursday from 9-10 PM.  The directions to log on are below.   This is targeted to Age Group athletes/families, but anyone is welcome to participate!  If you have questions, please contact Coach CJ.

The agenda for the meeting:
  1. Practice Expectations - what will the first day of practice be like?
  2. Meet Expectations - including how to navigate the website for registering for meets
  3. Equipment List - I'll show some pictures of what the equipment looks like so you feel more comfortable shopping online!
  4. Season Plan Overview - gives you an understanding of what the 'big' picture is
  5. Q&A - there is a chat window where you can ask questions real time, and I'll do my best to answer.
In the past we have hosted parent meetings in the 3rd or 4th week of the season.  This meeting is always very rushed, and hard to schedule for everyone.   In an effort to improve the delivery of this information, we will host the 'what you want to know before we start' this week, and then host a second meeting later in the month where you can ask all the questions you didn't know you had.

If you can't attend either of the web based meetings this week - please feel free to e.mail questions ahead of time and I'll do my best to answer them in the meeting.  I will record the meetings and will distribute a link so you can watch at your convenience.

Log On:  
1. Dial into the conference (audio only):
   Dial-in Number: (515) 739-1249 - United States
   Access Code: 953307
   International Dial-in Numbers: https://www.freeconferencecall.com/wall/cjmorabito/#international

2. Join the online meeting (this has audio/video all in one - you don't have to dial in too)
   Online Meeting Link: https://join.freeconferencecall.com/cjmorabito
   Online Meeting ID: cjmorabito

At the scheduled date and time of the meeting, dial into the conference line. When prompted, enter the Access Code followed by the pound key.
To join the online meeting, click on the meeting link listed above and follow the prompts to join the meeting.  I believe you are prompted for a name/e.mail address, but you shouldn't have to create an account or download anything to participate. *** Make sure you click on the "Ear" in the top right hand corner to select the speaker - otherwise you won't be able to hear.  If you are having trouble with the audio - you can also dial in on your phone as a work around.   There were a few people tonight who had connection issues with the Audio on the online meeting.

Parent Communications

As a club, we are continuing efforts to streamline our lines of communication to hopefully minimize the opportunity for any mixed messages.  The main source of information is the website.  Electronic Newsletters will be distributed on regular basis and are posted to the News section of the website.  Small updates/reminders are regularly posted to the main page of the website.  All meet information and updates are maintained on the respective meet page.

Jim uses text messaging to communicate with the HS Athletes and parents - please check with Jim to make sure you are on that distribution list if you have a High School athlete.

Urgent communications (like rare last minute practice changes!) will be communicated via text message, e.mail, and posted to the main page of the website.  Age Group families please update your WAC Account to include numbers for SMS Messages, multiple phone numbers can be loaded into the system.  We rarely need to send texts through the WAC website, but it's very helpful tool when the inevitable snow storm hits or the pool is unexpectedly closed.

While we do our best to get you information, please ask if you can't find answers you need.  Age Group (Bronze, Silver, Gold) athletes/parents should reach out to Coach CJ and High School athletes should reach out to Coach Jim.   While Coach CJ is responsible for day to day operations of the Age Group program, Coach Jim is always available to answer questions or field any concerns that might come up during the season.  
Equipment Lists

Athletes provide their own equipment for the season, and should bring all of their equipment to each practice to keep things moving smoothly.  Please take the equipment out of the package (or out of your swim bag from last year!) and make sure it fits and is in good working order.   Also, please be creative and find a way to mark your name on equipment so that we can get it back to you in the event that it gets mixed up or gets forgotten. 

Equipment should last for multiple seasons, but kids do grow and paddles/fins to grow legs between seasons.  If you don't have your equipment before the first practice (most people won't!)- don't stress out and please show up with what you do have!

The following equipment is needed for each group:

  • Bronze: Team Suit (for meets – any fitted 1 piece suit is fine for practice!), Pull Buoy Jr., Training Fins, Mesh Training Bag, Training Snorkel
  • Silver: Team Suit (for meets – any fitted 1 piece suit is fine for practice!), Pull Buoy Jr. or Regular, Training Fins, Mesh Training Bag, Training Snorkel, Kickboard, Paddles
  • Gold: Team Suit (for meets – any fitted  1 piece suit is fine for practice!), Pull Buoy., Training Fins, Mesh Training Bag, Training Snorkel, Paddles, Kickboard
Despite what your athlete may tell you... team Parka's, Speedo Backpacks, or other random cool things are not required.  They make great Christmas and Birthday gifts, and we will have more info coming on Spirit Wear orders.  

We do recommend that athletes wear a cap and goggles for practice, and probably want to have a spare in their bag.   Team caps are included in your registration fee and should only be worn for competition.  If you lose/break your cap, additional caps will be available for purchase.  We don't distribute the caps until the first meet.

The team suit is a plain royal blue Speedo.  This suit should be very fitted and should only be worn for competition.  The team suit has been the same for as long as I can remember and should last you several seasons.  There are more expensive 'tech suits" available - but a regular well fitted "Speedo" style suit is all you need for competition at this age and level.

Please note that the snorkel and fins are NOT the same as scuba divers use.  The training snorkel is center mounted, and the fins are considerably shorter than our SCUBA friends use.

Our team supplier is Making Waves - they have an online shop and a brick and mortar store that is located in Hilliard.  If you need/want to try stuff on, please check their website for store hours.  We will not be hosting a fitting session on site this season.   A link to their website is below - our team page has a password (Password is wac... its very secure!).  As of the writing of this newsletter, our team store appears to be empty.  We are working on getting that populated, but you can still order through their website (it's just a few more clicks to find things).
Shop Making Waves - password is wac

Practice Expectations

Athletes are expected to be at practice on time and expected to be ready to do dryland activities and swim.  Especially early in the season when the weather is favorable - please bring running shoes in addition to your swim gear.  This includes having equipment in working order, being dressed appropriately and stretching independently.  We will certainly teach the athletes what is expected, however as the season progresses even our youngest athletes will expected to get themselves ready without being prompted.  At the end of practice, all athletes are expected to help clean up the pool - depending on the day/time/pool, that clean up will be slightly different.  Coaches will direct this, but in short - practice isn't over until the coach on deck says the pool is appropriately cleaned up.  As a team, we take pride in the facilities that we call 'home' and we ensure that the pool is ready for the  next group who will use the space.

Athletes should not be dropped off at the pool unless a parent confirms that a coach is present, and athletes should not be dropped off more than 10 minutes before their scheduled practice time.  Parents should be at the pool at least 5 minutes before the end of the scheduled practice time to pick up athletes, and should contact a coach immediately if they are running late.  Athletes are not permitted to hang out outside the pool building after practice, they must stay indoors where they can be supervised until their ride arrives. 

Arriving late:

With the exception of some of our High School athletes - most of our swimmers don't drive.  So.... we don't yell at kids or punish them for being late to practice (theoretically it's beyond their control!).  However, if they are late, we do expect that when they get to the pool they promptly get themselves ready and into the water quickly without disruption to the group.

Leaving Early:

Likewise, there is times where athletes need to get out early for some reason.  Please notify a coach if your athlete needs to get out of the pool - and we will have that athletes get out promptly.  The same applies to the rare occasion when practice runs late - if you need to get out of there and practice isn't over, please just notify a coach.

Missing Practice:

Life happens, and sometimes it happens at the same time as a scheduled swim practice.   Athletes will perform better if they attend all practices, but if you need to miss.... you don't have to ask permission.  We expect that if you are missing, you have a good reason and we will look forward to seeing you at the next practice.  If an athlete will miss practices for an extended time, please let a coach know as we do take attendance and will reach out if we haven't seen you in a few days!  Unfortunately due to the size of our training groups, I do not expect that we will be able to offer any sort of make up practices.

Parent/Sibling Watching:

All of our practices are held as open practices.  Parents are invited to stay and watch, siblings are certainly welcome as well.  Parents/Siblings should not interact with the athletes during practice and should refrain from discussion with coaching staff during the practice.   Parents and siblings should stay back from the edge of the pool deck, and siblings must be supervised at all times when on the pool deck or the area surrounding our pool facilities.   While on deck, our staff is focused on providing the highest caliber coaching  and ensuring a safe environment for all of our athletes.  If you have quick questions, a coach may be able to address at the end/start of practice.  Preferably, please reach out to Coach CJ or Coach Jim to schedule a time to address any questions.

Swim Meet Expectations

We recommend that athletes participate in competitions, ideally about every month to six weeks.  On your WAC account, you will have the option to either Accept or Decline each individual meet.    Regular participation in competitions is an integral part of our training program 

The short course meets have been posted - along with recommendations for which meets are targeted to each training group.  WAC competes as a team, not as individual training groups - so please know that you are welcome to participate in any of the meets (i.e. Bronze 2 is welcome to participate in meets designated to Bronze1, and vice versa!).   For this reason, there will be meets listed in your queue that maybe aren't appropriate for your athlete (i.e. it's a high school level meet, and you have a 7 yr old!).  If you decline meets, the computer will stop pestering you about the meet.    

Additional information about each meet will be added to the respective meet pages as the host team releases it to us.  Any timelines that are included on the page are projected/estimated times, and you should always check back the week of the meet to confirm the finalized timeline.  That info is updated on the website and e.mailed out to all participants.
Declare Meet Availability