Important Team Information for the 2017-2018 Season

Gear Requirements: MARK YOUR CALENDARS 

We will do a team Fitting/ Order with MI Sports on Monday September 25th at 6pm. We do require each swimmer to have a team Bag, Warm up Jacket and Team suit. The bag and warm up are the same as last year so please do not feel you need to order a new one if you already have one. The team suit will be NEW and every swimmer needs to purchase one. The female suit will have multiple options that I assure our older female swimmers will LOVE! I picked this with them in mind off of the feedback about the old suit.

The Order form you need is attached.  Feel free to check out the website for pictures of everything!

We do recieve a discount with MI sports. 

Suits 30% (order form reflects that discount)

Bags/warm-ups/parkas 25% (order form reflects that discount plus embroidery)

Equipment 20% off

In store purchase on goggles/full price suits/hair care 10% off (they don't offer that discount when they travel and go on site)

We will do a TEAM SHIRT again same as the past years, we already have an event on the Website and it will close October 1st! Parents feel free to order yourself/ friends/ family a team shirt as well! Hit yes you want a shirt and in the notes section please write the size and amount. More detail the better! 

Group Equipment requirements:

  • Senior and National group needs Snorkel, fins and paddles. Tennis shoes that you are okay wearing and getting wet on deck! 
  • Gold group need snorkel and fins. I DO WANT A CERTAIN BRAND SNORKEL SEE BELOW Tennis shoes that you are okay with wearing and getting wet on deck! 
  • Silver group needs Fins. ( Snorkel is not a bad idea to get use to for the next level)
  • Bronze needs Fins.
  • Blue and white also need just fins! 

Fins and snorkel you can go to MI sports and get them there.

GOLD- I am picky on the snorkel I want them to have a wrote a lovely e mail that never sent on why but I have explained it to your children. Please get this snokel I doubt MI has it.

Hope this all helps! Fins are the main thing needed ASAP. The rest can wait, but should be done by October!


Policy Changes:

A couple things we will be changing this year to help the team run smoother from the administrative side.  Any billing changes that you are making 30 days notice before the next billing cycle; request for payment changes during high school season for those only swimming high school, cancellation, etc. We have too many people making changes after the billing dates on the first of each month. We would appreciate knowing in advance so we can keep everything running smoothly. 


Also, we will only allow families to Hold their spots in June and July starting this year. This is different than what we offer high schoolers during high school season. During high school season, we allow high school swimmers to swim with just their high school team. You do not need to pay us to hold your spot but you do need to let us know when your swimmer will be gone 30 days before the billing date.  

We will only do group movement twice a year. After Short course around March and back when we start up in September after the summer is over.

Meets- We will not have meet participation requirements but we will allow coaches to have more involvement on what swimmers are signing up for. Coaches will now have the option to add/change one event per day for each swimmer. 


We want to have more coach to swimmer accountability and make sure we are challenging them to try new things. Sean would also like to see each swimmers Bronze and above signed up for the 200 Free/ IM at each meet. 


This year we will be starting a new program called Iron Wolf. It is designed to get kids more involved at meets and challenge them to swim all the events they can for their age. More details to come on the qualifications!



Payment/ Invoice Information:

First, the email is not the actual invoice. It does tell you what your account balance was at 12:01 AM on the first of every month. The email contains a link that will take you to your actual itemized invoice. Checks can me made out to "Aquawolves". The invoice also directs where to mail the check if that is the delivery method you desire. Please mail checks to 9213 E. 36th Ave, Denver 80238. 

Second, because we do not take credit card payments (due to the bank fees), the invoice often will not reflect a check delivered around the end of the month. I usually start posting payments 7-10 days into the month to allow most of the checks to arrive before I start posting to accounts. 

Third, checks may be delivered to the "dues box" at CCHS during practice hours. The box is located on the table by the entry with the pace clock. We do not charge late fees because I cannot promise I can post all the checks before that date. I do ask that families try to deliver payment in the first week of every month. 

Finally, for those that prefer to pay with cash, please give cash to coach Lyndsay or myself. Please do not place cash in the dues box.


Swimmer safety

  • Locker rooms are off limits to parents. Bathroom outside the pool area
  • Deck is off limits to persons w/o USA Card
  • There is absolutely no photography on the deck or in the Locker Rooms
  • No swimmer may dive off the block without coach supervision
  • No swimmers may swim outside of their practice time without coach