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Bus information from OMS/RCI Schools to Oregon Pool

Hello OCSC Families:

Last year I worked with the Oregon School District (OSD) to get permission for our OCSC kids to catch rides on OSD busses when they need to get to the Oregon pool when they otherwise might not have a ride. This permission is kind of loose, and we like to keep our use of the busses on a low profile because many of these busses are loaded taking kids home after school. All they said to me is that have the kids use their buses as if they were getting on to go home. If the busses get overloaded, they may stop our uses without prior permission statements to ride the buses. So, if you have any questions, email me before going to the OSD with questions and I will get your answers and keep the OSD off our club back. With that said, below is an unofficial (JRD) summary of Oregon School District bus routes that students can utilize to get from RCI, OMS and OHS to the Oregon Pool for swim practice practice after school. Hopefully this will allow local parents a useful alternative for their kids to make practice, and accommodate changes in schedule when driving kids to the pool might not be an option for families. If you have any question, pretty much everything I know is in this document, but if you need to... you can email me your questions. The most current OSD bus route information can be found at:


OSD PM Bus #8 (Driver Dan Elmer) from OMS/RCI to Oregon Pool Area

Bus #8 is usually the first bus into the OMS circle drive to pick up kids and usually the first bus out of OMS at 3:21pm. If anything, tell your kids to get outside after school ASAP to not miss this bus as it does not wait long! Bus #8 then goes from OMS at 3:21pm and arrives at RCI by 3:24pm. From RCI, it goes around dropping off kids in the neighborhood south of County Highway CC (also known as Jefferson Street) on its way toward downtown Oregon. At the stoplights near the corner by the Holstein Kitchen Restaurant, it turns left/north and stops at the corner of W Grove Street and N Main St by the downtown Kwik Trip, Breitbach Chiropractic and Oregon Daycare Inc. (ODI) at 3:39pm. This is where your kids can get off and walk one block east along Grove Street past the Gorman Building toward the pool. This is the best route for RCI and OMS kids to get to the Oregon Pool… but don’t mess around after school and miss this bus!

OSD PM Bus #17 (Driver BJ McMahon) from RCI/OMS to Oregon Youth Center

In case you missed bus #8 at OMS or RCI, there is an alternative for your student to still get to the Oregon Pool for after school practice, albeit a bit later. Bus #17 leaves RCI after school and goes directly to and arrives at OMS at 3:30pm. After the OMS pickup, the bus does some neighborhood drop-offs on its way north through Oregon on the way to South Oak Street. At 3:42pm, the bus stops at the corner of S Oak St and Park Street near the Oregon Youth Center. Kids get off there and can walk 2 blocks northwest up the street along Kiser Park Ball Fields toward the pool. If students forget to get off the bus at the youth center... they get one more chance to get out somewhere near the Oregon pool. The next stop is the After School Club (ASC) stop somewhere near NKE but I do not know where the dropoff is yet, but it might be the ASC NKE parking lot circle drive off N Main Street. If it is... that is easy. Kids get off the bus there, walk into ASC with the other kids and make their way south through the NKE school and out the back door of NKE which is directly across from the pool. If they get lost in the NKE, all they have to do is ask Lisa or Jamie or any of the ASC faculty and they will point your kids in the right direction toward the pool. This might be a bit longer walk off the bus at eaither of these stops, but it beats walking from OMS or RCI towards downtown and if you missed bus #8.

Enjoy the busses to get from school to the pool or the Zone. If you have any questions, email me. Go Tigersharks!

John Dobrinsky