Hurricane Irma - Practice Schedule Changes
---  Monday, September 11, 2017  ---
With the impending weather situation tomorrow and the closing of the area schools, we are going to run practices earlier to allow everyone time to get home before the heavy stuff gets here.  As with any weather situation; use your best judgement when deciding whether you can get to and from practice safely.  We would rather you be safe!!!  
Also, if you cannot get your child to practice because of work or logistic issues, no problem!  We understand that there is more to your family's life than swimming.  Do the best that you can!!!
So, the revised schedule.  All groups (both TOM and MTY) will swim at MTY, There will be no practices held at the TOM....
--MTY Senior 1 & 2 / TOM Senior I with Weights-   9 - 11am
--MTY Junior 1 & 2, Senior 3, Yellow & Blue / TOM Senior 1 no weights, Senior 2, AG I-   11am - 1pm
--MTY All other color groups / TOM AG 2-   1 - 2:30pm
--MTY & TOM YSL-  Cancelled
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your primary coach!!!