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Help Guide for Surfing

 Surfing Guide to

Register and Join the Team: 

Home Page Click JOIN TTST

It is a registration platform of procedures that will guide you through the TTST registration process.

Truckee Tahoe Swim Fees:

Home Page Click on TTST and select drop down menu FEES

Generally monthly dues range by group Novice 3 levels $98 to $145, Regional 2 levels $155 - $170,  Elite 2 Levels $170 - $190 per month. 

$85.75 Annual USA Swimming membership fee valid through December 31, 2018

Fundraising Requirement: $150 per year per swimmer.  Maximum $300 for a family.

Billing happens as an automatic charge, if your account is set for that, on the 1st of the month.  Additional charges like Swim Meet Fees, or annual USA Swimming Registration fee are added to your account for the month that the swim meet occurs and will be charged in addition to monthly dues.   

Truckee Tahoe Practice Times:

Home Page click on Information Tab select drop down menu PRACTICE SCHEDULE

We have 5 age and ability divided practice groups weekly Monday to Friday 3pm – 6pm.

  • Middle High School Novice Level s: 3pm – 4:15pm
  • Middle High School Regional & TTST Age Group All-Stars: 3pm – 4:30pm
  • Middle High School Elite & TTST Senior Team / National Team: 3pm – 5pm 
  • Elementary & Outside Truckee Schools Regional & TTST Age Group All-Stars:  4:30pm – 6pm
  • Elementary School & 10 Under Novice Levels:  5pm – 5:40pm and 6pm by levels

Truckee Tahoe Swim Team Group Descriptions:

Home Page click on Information Tab select drop down menu Group Descriptions

This is a great page for setting goals and seeing what the progressive options are in swimming with 2 graphics that show our club breakdown by ability and also has time standard links for making our 3 time recognized TTST Teams:  Age Group All-Stars (Sierra Nevada Swimming Junior Olympics Time at any age),  Senior Team (Sierra Nevada Jr+ Senior Time – Senior Western Zone Time), and National Team (CA/NV Sectionals Time or Faster). 

Additional to this is a long version PDF document for more understanding of Age Group to Senior Swimming at TTST.  From the Home Page click on Information Tab select drop down menu Swim Progression Information scroll to bottom of graphic and lick full length version for Understanding Age Group – Senior Swimming at TTST.

There is much more information on the website by going to Calendar, Events, and News tabs.  Enjoy the website and if you have questions emailing me is best. 

Cyrus Crews / Head Coach