2017-18 Short Course Season Overview

Short Course 2017 2018 Season

Parents and Swimmers:

Welcome to Swim Utah’s 2017-2018 Short Course Season.  We thought it would be helpful to share with families some of the key highlights of what is ahead this season and encourage families to get involved with the coaches and club to provide an amazing swimming experience for your athletes this year.

Coaches Tim Leonhart, Ian Clarke, Brody Lewis, Treasa Ring, and Tami Johnson will be on deck and are happy to welcome Darby.

I hope everyone is excited for this season! Before we start, just a few highlights from last season!

8th LC State Championships (32Indiviual, 5RelayOnly, 37 Total Swimmers)

8th Speedo LC Sectionals (4Seniors, 8CrimsonUtes, 12 Total Swimmers)

Utah State Record 800 Freestyle Relay 7:52.44

Rhys Milton Futures Qualifying Time 400Free 4:08.23


We have a great season plan in place for us to continue to swim fast at our most important times of the season.  Thank you parents! Without you and your help we would not be able to make all this happen.  Keep those end of season dates open so the swimmers can finish off the season at State Champs, Far Westerns, or Sectionals!

Swim Utah Short Course 2016-17 Goals to BEAT!

11th at Senior SC State Championships (7 Swimmers)

7th at Age Group SC State Championships (33 Swimmers)

Speedo SC Sectionals (3 Swimmers)

Far Western Championships (3 Swimmers)


Team Structure

Swim Utah is a 501c 3 non -profit organization run by a parent board and trustees. Board meetings are held on the first Monday of the month at Steiner Aquatic Club. All members are welcome to attend meetings and from time to time may be asked to vote on matters that are important for the future of the team. Our by-laws which govern the general running of the organization can be found under the parent tab on our website. Please feel free to raise any issues or concerns with any member of the board. Current board members and trustees are:

Susan Andrews Winter      Board President

Carrie Mayne                        Treasurer       

Tamara Goetz                      Secretary         

Katharine Ragle                   Apparel           

Tim Leonhart                       Coach               

Vacancy                                 Vice President




All questions regarding accounts should go through to Carrie . If you are interested in fulfilling volunteer hours by participating on the board please contact Susan.


Team Apparel

We will be offering a team suit this season which coaches are requesting all age-group swimmers to wear at meets unless it is a prelim/final format. Katharine Ragle will send out an email communication regarding fitting for suits and orders for warm ups, deck coats and caps in due course. Coach Tim is also working on providing the team with an on-line store within our website to place orders for training suits, kick boards, snorkels and fins. Keep posted through email on this. Swim Utah will receive a 10 percent rebate on all purchases throughout the year so we will be consistently marketing this channel as soon as it is available.


Key Meets 2017-2018

Arizona Holiday Swim Festival at ASU Nov 30th-Dec 3rd

Swim Utah SC Invitational at the U Dec 15th-16th

Senior State Feb 22-24th 2018 Cedar City

Age Group State Mar 7th-10th 2018 Bountiful

Senior Sectionals March 15-18th 2018 Federal Way WA


As coaches we are often asked which meets should my swimmer attend. This varies depending on the experience of your swimmer and the goals that they may have. However as a guideline my philosophy on meets is very Team oriented.  As a multisport athlete I compare swimming to soccer, Meets are Games, should be FUN and often times that is overlooked.  I am recommending the following meets. (You do not need to attend ALL recommended, please speak to the Coaches about your individual swimmers needs)


Cookie Kick-Off Sep 29th – 30th

OA TYR Fabulous 50’s Oct 24th

WVA Dive N Dash Mini Meet Nov 9th

Swim Utah Winter Invitational Dec 14th – 16th (Tentative Dates)

SDAT Developmental Meet Jan 6th

OA TYR Winter Blast Mini Meet Jan 16th

WVA Developmental Feb 3rd or 10th

SC B Standard (B-C) Mar 2nd-3rd (Qualifying)

Age Group Short Course State Mar 8th – 10th (Qualifying)


Cookie Kick-Off Sep 29th – 30th

Tsunami Fall Kick Off Oct 13th – 14th

OA TYR Fabulous 50’s Oct 24th

WFFM IMX Classic Oct 27th - 28th  (Speak with Coach Tim about attending)

Montrose Fall Invite Nov 3rd – Nov 5th (Team Travel)

WVA Dive N Dash Meet Nov 10th – 11th

Swim Utah Winter Invitational Dec 14th – 16th (Tentative)

SDAT Developmental Meet Jan 6th

OA TYR Winter Blast Jan 19th – 20th

UVRAY Heart Attack Feb 1st – 3rd (Tentative)

Polar Bear Open Feb 24th – 26th (State Last Chance)

Age Group Short Course State Mar 8th – 10th


Cookie Kick-Off Sep 29th (Speak with Tim/Brody)

Tsunami Fall Kick Off Oct 13th – 14th

WFFM IMX Classic Oct 27th - 28th

Montrose Fall Invite Nov 3rd – Nov 5th (Team Travel)

WVA Dive N Dash Meet Nov 10th – 11th (Speak with Tim/Brody)

AZ Holiday Swim Festival Nov 30th – Dec 2nd (Travel/Qualifying)

Swim Utah Winter Invitational Dec 14th – 16th (Tentative)

OA TYR Winter Blast Jan 19th – 20th

UVRAY Heart Attack Feb 1st – 3rd (Tentative)

Polar Bear Open Feb 24th – 26th (State Last Chance)

SC B Standard (B-C) Mar 2nd-3rd

Age Group Short Course State Mar 8th – 10th


Tsunami Fall Kick Off Oct 13th – 14th

WFFM IMX Classic Oct 27th - 28th

Montrose Fall Invite Nov 3rd – Nov 5th

WVA Dive N Dash Meet Nov 10th – 11th

AZ Holiday Swim Festival Nov 30th – Dec 2nd (Qualifying)

Swim Utah Winter Invitational Dec 14th – 16th (tentative)

OA TYR Winter Blast Jan 19th – 20th

UVRAY Heart Attack Feb 1st – 3rd (tentative)

Senior Short Course State Feb 22nd – 24th

Sectionals Mar 14th – 17th


Parents please be aware that if you sign up for a meet and the entry deadline has passed your account will get billed for that event. We do however need to scratch if your swimmer is entered and does not plan on attending so please let your coaches know. Also some sanctions are written so the swimmer is penalized for a no show. We have the opportunity to declare a false start if a swimmer is sick one day but may attend the second. Just let Coach Tim or Susan know so we can assist our athletes in having a positive experience on deck.


If you are a new parent when you receive the email from a coach that indicates we have a meet you simply sign in to your account, select the meet, select Attend/Decline, enter the events and save. Once a coach has reviewed and submitted the entry file you can go back into the event and should see a red check mark against the events your swimmer is entered in. You may choose to attend all or part of an event. We do our best to accommodate last minute changes. However when the deadline has passed we cannot guarantee that any requests to change will happen. This is because the host team may already have a full meet, have seeded the events or their sanction cannot allow the request.


Travel Meets

Swim Utah will chaperone two travel meets this season. This means that coaches and chaperones will road trip by bus to Montrose Colorado (Nov 3rd -4th) and seniors with qualifying times have the opportunity to go to a mid season meet in Tempe Arizona (Nov 30-Dec3) The information is below. We will host a parent night to address questions about Montrose, please check your email for this information.


Montrose Invite - All Groups. This is a great team travel experience that is not a large prelim final meet. The drive is 4-4.5 hours from SLC and we will be putting together a van/vans to travel together as a team. There are great deals on hotels at this time and the host team will be putting together team meals and possible activities.  We will be pushing to take enough swimmers to participate in relays for this meet as well. This will be one of the few times to do so until State in March. For any 10&Under swimmers that would like to participate in this trip please contact your coach asap. More information to come at the meeting.

Arizona Holiday Swim Festival – AG3, ST1, ST2, ST3. (AG2 Speak to Coach Tim) This meet does have qualifying standards and will be a great mid season prelim final experience for our team.  This meet is going to be full but we are able to get up to 10 in.  We should definitely be able to take 10 swimmers to this! More information to come at the meeting.



There is a parent volunteer requirement to participate in USA swim meets and/or the general running of the team.  All families are expected to volunteer a minimum of at least 10 hours per season or are subject to a volunteer fee of $150. A list of volunteer opportunities will be published at the beginning of the season and families are required to sign up through job sign up on the website. Volunteer hours will be tracked and fees will be charged to accounts March 1st and Aug 1st respectively. Please note the fee does not represent an hourly rate and there will be no partial credit or “carry over” of hours per season. The 10 hours per season is a minimum requirement and should families be at meets that require participation from Swim Utah we may need to request additional help beyond the minimum requirement.

This is the first year that Swim Utah has introduced a volunteer policy in line with many other USA swimming clubs. Volunteer hours can be reported through job sign ups or by emailing the volunteer coordinator, which until someone is assigned is Susan. ( )


Opportunities to volunteer include:-

Timing at Meets


Training to Officiate

Becoming a board member

Assisting with organizing and hosting the Swim Utah Invitational or our Dino Meet for LC.

Organizing an Athlete Social Calendar or hosting an event such as our Halloween Party

Chaperoning a Travel Meet

Becoming a new parent host/hostess

Volunteer coordinator – tracking volunteer hours for the season.

Establish a new fundraising activity for the Spring


Opportunities to Train as Officials

One of the most rewarding ways you can support your athlete is to train as an official. The volunteers that officiate are all parents or grandparents and learning more about the sport allows you to experience USA swimming from a very different perspective. I am always on deck otherwise I would drive my kids crazy but volunteers are not required to work every meet. If you are interested in training the following introductory clinics are available for sign up. Please let me know.


Our next scheduled clinics for new Stroke and Turn officials are at:


Lehi Legacy Center (recreation center swimming pool) 123 North Center Street, Lehi

on Tuesday September 12th at 6:30 p.m.


Lecture Hall of Olympus High School 4055 South 2300 East, Holladay on Wednesday September 27th at 6:30 p.m.


A training clinic for Administrative officials will be offered in conjunction with Swimposium on Saturday, October 7th, at the Provo City Recreation Center 320 West 500 North, Provo.

starting at 9:00 a.m. (expected to run until 11:30 or 12:00).

Good luck to all our athletes and GO U.T.E.S.