Meet Worker Signups Online

Meet worker signups are online. More meets will become available for signup as we get closer to the meet dates.

Reminder that as we get closer to the meet dates, the times can vary and will update.  They should never change more than 2 hours.  This is unavoidable as the meet entries from teams come in during the week of the meet.  We do our best to plan accordingly.

To sign up to work at a meet:

  • On the home page, click on meets
  • Scroll down to the meet 
  • Click on the Job Signup button
  • If you are looking for when your athlete swims at that meet, please look at the meet info for more details on that meet.

Reminder, meets are our only source of fundraising.  We do not ask you to sell anything like other sports/activities.  By having meets here at our facility, we keep travel costs (hotels, gas, food) down for our families.  

Also, we will be implementing credits towards our Adult Masters Swimming to all families that help work at meets. More details to come soon!

Reminder, the smaller mini meets are meant for the level 3 athlete's families to work at as it is a learning experience for them to prepare to help at the larger meets.  If your athletes are not in the mini meets, do not sign up to work at that meet.


We host exceptional meets and we cannot do it without the support of our families!  Thank you for your continued support.