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Travel Assistance Program

Follow the link to the Travel section of the MASWIM.ORG website. http://www.maswim.org/forms/travel-financial/

Look over the policy.  In a nutshell, swimmers must provide documentation to receive travel assistance.

  1.  They must attend one of the meets listed in the Meets and Levels section of the website.  There are three travel seasons as you can see.  Winter. Spring. and Summer.  They may receive assistance one time during each season for a total of three.  Summer Jr. Nationals is definitely on this list.
  2. They must have attended 2 Middle Atlantic Sanctioned meets in the year prior to the Travel meet they are seeking assistance for, proof of attendance must be sent
  3. There are 4 Levels of assistance provided. (see meets and levels)  Proof must be sent with the request showing the athlete achieved one of the levels either at a meet within the year or at the meet attended. Level 3 is the slowest and is currently the 2016 Winter Jr. National Bonus Time Standard, Level 2 is next and is the 2016 Winter Jr. National Time Standard, Level 1 is the 2016 Winter National Time Standard, Level 1B is the 2017 Summer National Time Standard.  (the time standards for the levels change each year)
  4. They must have a qualifying time to attend the meet
  5. They must swim an individual event at the meet.  Relay only swimmers do not qualify nor do swimmers that Time Trial only.
  6. Applications must be in by the deadline for each season or there is a 20% (or greater for repeat offenders) reduction in the assistance
  7. No late applications are accepted after October 1.