TSM Swim Meet Recap

Thank you all to all the swimmers and parents who participated in our first meet of the short course season!  What an amazing way to kick it off!

To the swimmers and parents who attended their very first swim meet, welcome to the grind.  Now that you have a time basis, our goal as a team is to improve every time our swimmers do their events. 

To our veterans, thank you first and foremost for helping our newcomers.  Secondly, the general theme of this meet was “dropped times” where we saw enormous improvements in your kids’ times.  Whether they last swam those events a year ago or not, an improvement is an improvement, and I’d like to say that this is definitely due to all the hard work your kids have been putting in during practice.

A very big kudos to our whole team.  We are a small team but we have a big heart.  We’ve always taken pride in quality over quantity manifested significantly in this meet where Vision Swim garnered a total of 1088 points amongst 15 swimmers.  Our small size and great talent make it easier for our coaches to develop each and every one of our swimmers to their full potentials. 

We have a great future in front of us, proven by our swimmers 10 years and below…we will rely on you to keep the winning tradition of Vision Swim alive in the coming years.  To our older swimmers, keep up the good work and keep setting a good example to your younger team mates.

Thank you to Coach Francois for his continued diligence that result in great performances!

Thank you to the Mom, Dads, grandparents, uncles, aunts, brothers and sisters who came out to support the team!  And to those in the afternoon session who were on the timing chairs, thank you as well!  With a growing club like ours, there’ll be more gracious volunteers needed in each and every meet.

Thanks to our photographers as well, Mr. Marasigan  and Mr. Mouradian who took these incredible shots: 

Below is a breakdown of our team’s performance:

Altair Corona (17-yrs old) – 114 points!  He was all smiles this past weekend after finishing 1st in four of his six events and had to ‘settle’ for 2nd on the other two.  Really big drops on his times, but I’m sure he’s proudest of his new 100-free time of 55.62 seconds! 

Lara Villavicencio (12-yrs old) – 110 points!  Lara made a big splash this weekend as well placing 1st in four of six events.  Breaking the minute-mark on the 100-free (59.93 seconds) was probably the biggest moment for her this weekend!  Also placed 1st on 50-free with 27.35 seconds.

Ava Khatibi (12-yrs old) – 106 points!  Ava finished 1st in both of her favorite events, the 100- and 200-fly, clocking in at an amazing 1:02.65 and 2:26.49, respectively.  Another great showing as well on her 100-free with a 1:01.69. 

Adin Torres-Zeldin (8-yrs old) – 88 points.  Leading the charge for our young swimmers is Adin who consistently placed in the top 10 of his events.  Great showing for this young lad in the 25- and 50-free especially that this is his first meet with the club.

Canyon Marasigan (11-yrs old) – 87 points.  This guy just keeps improving every meet he joins.  Racking up points by consistently placing in the top ten of all his events.  This butterflier is definitely happy with a 12 second improvement in the 100-fly (1:21.59) and five second improvement in the 50-fly (34.80).

Ovanes Gkrigkorian (14-yrs old) – 86 points.  A great weekend for this first-timer, swimming in only five events and placing in the top three for all!  Great 1st place finish in the 100-breast with a 1:15.76.

Aiden Mertzel – (11-yrs old) – 85 points.  This young fellow was in the top 3 in all his five events for the weekend!  Swam his personal bests in all his events, most notably the 50 free where he finished 1st in his division with a 32.31 seconds.

Alessandro Inostroza (8-yrs old) – 84 points.  Another one of our young swimmers, this young boy finished in the top 10 in his division.  Being his first meet, Alessandro did really well, especially in the 50-breast where he clocked in at 55.44 for a 3rd place finish.

Rosalinda Perez (13-yrs old) – 69 points.  Rosalinda finished in the top 10 in her events, but what’s more amazing are the drops in time for some of her swims.  In the 100-fly, she dropped 30.79 seconds! A true testament where hard work yields great results.

Nicole Khatibi (14-yrs old) – 67 points.  Swimming in only five events, Nicole stayed consistent by being in the top ten in each of them.  The highlight of her weekend is probably swimming the 500-free which was the last event of the meet, swimming it in 6:13.22, giving her a 4th place finish overall.

Alek Mouradian – (13-yrs old) 60 points.  Except for his 50-free where he “only” dropped 4 seconds, Alek dropped more than 10 seconds in each of his other four events!  His 100-back dropped by 11 seconds to 1:14.71, giving him a 2nd place finish in his division. 

Edward Dansirimitri  (11-yrs old) – 60 points. Swimming in only four events this weekend, Eddie was able to garner points by placing 2nd in 3 of 4 events.  Very good improvement once again in the 100-IM where he swam 1:17.27.

Arnold Koshman (10-yrs old) -  50 points. Arnold swam five events this weekend and dropped times in all of them!  To add, he placed in the top 10 in four of the five events!  His biggest improvement was in the 100-back where he now has a time of 47.44 after dropping 8.5 seconds!

John Grauert (19-yrs old) – 16 points. Our elder stateman only swam one event this weekend (50-free) and placed third overall with a very impressive time of 22.61 seconds! 

Ian Nicolas (13-yrs old) – 6 points.  In his first ever swim meet for Vision, Ian swam three events and impressively clocked a 30.55 in his 50-free, good for 12th place in a highly competitive field of swimmers.