New Board Members

Dear Kingfish families:

We are happy to report that we received candidate profiles for each of the two Kentlands Kingfish Board positions up for election this year.  Many thanks to Corrine Hsu and Kirk Hinckley, who have volunteered to serve jointly as the A Meet Automation representative, and Grant Cheung, who has volunteered to serve as the B Meet representative. 

The 2018 Kentlands Kingfish Board members are:


Board Position

 2018 Board Member


A Meet Rep (Meet Management)

Meredith Fogle

A Meet Rep (Automation)

Corrine Hsu and Kirk Hinckley

B Meet Rep (Meet Management)

Grant Cheung


Sue Rambo

Volunteer Coordinator

Eileen Kao and Mary Chu


We would like to thank the 2018 Kingfish Board, including our newest Board members, for their commitment to the team.  As we all know, the Kingfish swim team plays an important role in the Kentlands’ community and the Board’s tremendous dedication to our team is greatly appreciated. 

Go Kingfish!

Yolanda Goettsch and Jennifer Nash
Kentlands Kingfish Nominating Committee