Indiana Swimming Annual House of Delegates Meeting Information

The Indiana Swimming Annual House of Delegates Meeting was held last weekend in Indianapolis.   The purpose of this meeting is to try and bring all of the Indiana LSC (Local Swimming committee of USA Swimming) member teams/clubs together to celebrate the past year, discuss various new developments from USA SWimming, discuss & vote on proposed new Technical items, review & vote on the budget, recognize/award clubs-coaches-officials & volunteers and vote on various positions for the Indiana Swimming Board of Directors.   There are educational & training breakout sessions for swimmers, officials, coaches, parents and club members.   Our team was represnted by Coach Ben Sutton and Coach John Gibson.   It was a good day for our team.   Our team was recognized as one of only five(5) Bronze Medal Clubs in the state.   There was only 1-Gold Medal club and 2-Silver Medal clubs.   Our team was recognized as a World Trials Meet sponsor and Club-For-The-Day.   Our team was recognized for having coaches on the staffs of The Olympic Training Center Senior Camp, Age Group Memorial Day Camp, the Mid-States Meet staff, and the Central Zone 14 under Meet.   Coach Ben Sutton was voted onto the Board of Directors as the Region 2 Coaches Rep (we already had Chad Bohnke as the Region 2 Non-Coaches Rep).   And Coach John Gibson was voted by the Indiana coaches as the 2018 Senior Coach of the Year.   Our/Your TEAM has alot to be proud of.   Our team continues to grow-not only in numbers but we are growing into one of the most respected teams in the state.   Your swimmers are growing, learning and improving-in & out of the pool.   You have coaches that truly care and have a heart for your swimmers.   I thank ALL of you for all you do to make this TEAM so awesome!    I am truly blessed to be a part of this TEAM.    We cannot rest on these wonderful things though.   We must continue to work together, encourage each other, help each other, forgive each other, and love each other - so our TEAM can continue to be the best we can be, always seeking excellence.    Coach John Gibson