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NJ Swimming's 12/u Tech Suit Ban

On Saturday, Oct 7th, NJ Swimming House of Delegates voted to institute a tech suit ban for all 12/under swimmers at any NJ Swimming Sanctioned or Approved Meets.  This will go in effect November 1, 2017.  This does not affect 13/older swimmers (age is as of the first day of the meet).  There has been nationwide debate about instituting a ban and several LSC's (local swimming committees like NJ Swimming) have already instituted a ban similar to this one.  I am hoping USA Swimming will discuss this further and take the lead by creating a nationwide ban instead of leaving it up to the LSC's to decide.  I believe this is a good move for our LSC as it takes the financial burden off of the age group parent.  Many of the tech suits are not designed for age group body types.  Below is what NJ Swimming has posted on their website after the vote passed the ban.


  • 1. Swimmers 12 years old and younger may not compete in a “Tech suit” (i.e. Bonded or mesh seamed suits) in a New Jersey Swimming, Inc. sanctioned or approved meets.

  • *Age is determined by the 1st day of the meet*

  • 2. Swimmers ages 12&Under may not compete in a “Tech” suit in a New Jersey, sanctioned or approved competition.  Starting November 1, 2017.

  • 3. There is no “Tech” suit restriction for swimmers age 13 & over.

  • 4. A “Tech Suit” is defined, as a suit that has bonded seams, Kinetic Tape, or Meshed Seams.  The suits banned suits will be posted on the New Jersey Swimming website by 31 October 2017.  

  • 5. Rule Enforcement and Penalty:  Swimmers that race in a restricted suit will be disqualified from that event.  Swimmers who are wearing restricted suits will not be permitted to compete in said suit.  However, they are able to change into an acceptable suit to swim.  No extra time before their race will be given to change suits.  If there is any question about a suit, it should be addressed to the meet referee prior to the start of the session. 

  • 6. Coaches and Officials will be responsible for monitoring this Policy.  Coaches need to educate their teams and be willing to speak up if they see a swimmer with a suit on at a meet.  Officials should have the list of restricted suits available as a reference.  

  • 7. The following statement shall be added to all meet announcements.

“Tech suits” are not permitted at any meet for 12 & under swimmers. “Tech Suits “are defined, as a suit that has Bonded Seams, Kinetic Tape, or Meshed Seams.   


This Policy will be effective November 1, 2017 For All NJS Sanctioned or Approved Meets.


 The listed of banned and acceptable suits will be published by October 31, 2017