Interested or Committed

Are you “Interested” or are you “Committed”?

Look at your goals.  Are you “Interested” in going a sub five minute 500 free or are you “Committed” to going a sub five minute 500 free?

If you are “Interested” you’ll do what is convenient.  If you are “Interested” you’ll come up with stories and excuses as to why you cannot achieve your goals.  If you are “Interested” there will always be something that comes up, that keeps you from doing the work.

If you are “Committed” you’ll throw all of those excuses away.  If you are “Committed” you’ll do the work.  If you are “Committed” nothing will get in your way.  You will become who you need to become.  You will learn what you need to learn.  You will develop the knowledge, the skills and the talents to achieve your goals. 

You cannot wait for someone else to do it for you.  You cannot wait for someone else to show you the way.  First you must decide if you are “Interested” or “Committed”. The coach will show up.  But you must decide first. 

“Commitment” takes Discipline.  Discipline is the root of all good qualities.  Discipline is more than just being at practice.  It’s doing the work…and then some.  It’s making yourself stronger and faster, more flexible and healthier.  It’s eating the right foods to fuel your system.  It’s about controlling your emotions so you can make good decisions.  It’s about controlling your ego, so that your ego doesn’t get out of hand and control youDiscipline is about doing the tasks that you don’t necessarily want to do, but you will do because it helps you and your team.  Discipline is taking the hard road, the uphill road, to do what is right and what will propel you forward. 

It’s the "easy path" that most often calls to us.  The "easy path" asks us to break down for that moment.  The "easy path" asks us to give up in that moment of hardship.  It asks us to give in to the desire for the short-term, instant gratification.  But, Discipline will not allow that.  Discipline calls for strength and fortitude and willDiscipline won’t accept weakness.  Discipline won’t tolerate a breakdown in will. 

Discipline can actually be freeingDiscipline takes indecision out of the equation.  “Do I go to practice or do I go home?”  Discipline doesn’t even let the “or do I go home” enter your mind.  Your decision is already made.  Discipline makes the choice for you.

So, you’ve got to ask yourself.  Are you “Interested” or are you “Committed”?

If you are “Interested” that’s okay. 

But, if you are “Committed” let Discipline lead your way.