Senior Group news & Updates

Hello All- 

Just a few things I wanted to go over with you guys. 

First and foremost, what a great weekend our group had at Marist. I am so very proud of how the Senior group swimmers did!!! 

Now on to some of the business side of things 

1- We are a little over a month into the season. So I trust that everyone has adjusted to the demands of school and swimming and trying to balance both. Each and every swimmer was put into this senior group because they have shown that they take their swimming seriously and want to get to the next level. Very simply, in order to do that, they must put in what they want to get out of it. Over the last month, from quite a few of the swimmers, I have not seen the committment level I have come to expect from a senior level group.  At this level, the expectation is a minimum of 4 days a week (with saturdays being mandatory) Since the season has begun, it is a handful of swimmers that show to saturday practices. It can be very tempting for parents to begin to compare their swimmers to others of the same age, and ask themselves "Why isnt my child as fast as that child when they are the same age?" There are so many factors that go into that question, I coudlnt even begin to explain it here. But very simply put, dont ever compare! Each and every child is different and will progress at different levels. 

2- There have been many questions about the use of "Tech suits" and Knee skins from the parents & Kids. In many LSC's around the country, there is a new rule that 12-Unders are no longer allowed to wear kneeskins until they reach a certain level meet (a senior level championship meet, ie: senior mets, sectionals and above). New Jersey was the latest LSC to fo this. I believe there are about 10-15 around the country. Our LSC, Metropolitan Swimming did begin to toy with the idea last year at a house of delegates meeting. It was decided that the issue would be tabled until the May Meeting. Well, at the May Meeting, it was not on the agenda at all. So as of now, there are no restrictions on the swimmers. The Next metro metting isnt until May, so all is good for a while.

3- While on the subject of suits, I noticed quite a few swimmers this weekend that were in bathing suits that were entirely too big. Every swimmer should have a seperate bathing suit that they wear for meets only, and this suit should be tight! For example if a swimmer wears a practice suit that is size 32, that tells me their meet suits should be at least a 30 (if not a 28). Swimmers should have seperate bathing suits, Caps, and goggles that are worn for meets only. 

4- Last thing. I will be going away beginning this Friday for 8 days. I am going on vacation to the domenican republic. All practices will be covered, and I am confident that I am leaving them in good hands:) 

I always try to keep a open line of communication open with the swimmers and parents. I am always here for any questions or concerns you may have.