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Ambush Fall Report

Ambush Swimming Fall Report

We have accelerated our training since the Stroke Reconstruction Week.  The swimmers are showing increasing strength and endurance.  We have also had some Coach reassignments that are revealing to us all some unexpected strengths and weaknesses within each practice group.

I have introduced Coach Derek as my Associate Head Coach.  Just as Erik and I alternated sights last year, Derek has filled Erik’s old role.  I have also asked Derek to set up the “Challenge Sets” he designed at Nacogdoches last year for the Lufkin Silver group this year.

The High School Swimmers have rebounded very quickly from the August break.  Evan Dorman (Lufkin H.S.) and Jorge Lopez (Hudson H.S.) have both swam personal records already in the 500 Freestyle in high school meets.  Nolan Craft (Hudson H.S.) broke the Ambush Record in the 1650 by 23 seconds in our Sept. meet at Lufkin.

Our participation numbers are very low for the Gulf Open meets, but the performances have been very significant.  The Team recorded approximately 90% personal records at Klein Oak H.S.  Official results have not been posted yet, but at a quick glance, it looks like very significant time drops by Kasie Lopez, Courtney Johnnie, Preston King, and Alister Jackson.

New Ambush Record:  1650 Freestyle, 17:49.14.  Old Record Daniel Morgan, 2012, 18:12.56