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September FISH of the Month - Jason Figueroa


After having a great month of training and challenging himself every chance he gets, the FISH of the Month for September is Jason Figueroa of Incredible FISH. The FISH Staff saw Jason continue his great form from the summer right into the first day of the season. Making an impact during the early season Jason worked his way up to more challenging lanes and has thus thrived.

Jason started his swimming career when he was 7 years old at Oak Marr Clinics. At 10 Jason competed in his first club season. When asked what his favorite event is Jason says the 100 and 200 Fly, “because I feel like a pro swimming Fly.”

This past season Jason made the Junior Champs cut in the 1650 Free. When asked how this made him feel, “at first, I was like why though, but looking back on it now I’ve felt pretty stoked about it considering I made the cut by 35 seconds.” When not swimming, or doing schoolwork, Jason kills time by playing video games and going to the gym whenever he is free.

Quick Response Questions:

  1. Gatorade or Powerade?
    1. Powerade
  2. Favorite word?
    1. Sleep
  3. Least favorite word?
    1. Main Set
  4. If you were stranded on a desert island, what three movies would you absolutely have to bring?
    1. Under Friday Night Lights
    2. Hacksaw Ridge
    3. Patriots Day
  5. What is FISH to you?
    1. Family