COBRA Swim Club Kicks off the Season with Intraclub Meet

COBRA Swim Club Kicks off the Season with Intraclub Meet

COBRA Swim Club kicked off the swim season with their annual Intraclub swim meet at McMurchy pool on Sunday October 15. This swim meet gives our newest swimmers and their parents an opportunity to learn about the inner workings of a swim meet.  This is often their first swim meet experience. The new swimmers are buddied with an experienced swimmer  from Squad 1 to help walk them through where they need to be and what they need to do.  New parent officials are also paired up with more experienced members.

Lots of smiling and excited faces throughout the meet and afterwards indicated that everyone had a very positive experience.

The journey as a competitive swimmer and swim parent really starts with the first swim meet. What makes the competitive sport of swimming exceptional is that the swim meets and many other activities within a swim club are totally run by dedicated parent volunteers. What is truly wonderful is that some of these parent volunteers still continue to give back to the swim community long after their own children are no longer swimming competitively.

Jeff Holmes, Level 5 Canadian Official and Honorary COBRA member, reminisced about his son’s first swim meet experience 30 years earlier during the Intraclub meet.  Jeff waited an hour or so to watch his son swim his first 25m event, then another hour or so for his second 25m event. It was at that first swim meet experience that Jeff decided that he would become a swim official.  His son is now over 40 years old and Jeff is still officiating.  Jeff was most recently awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award from Swim Ontario for 30 years of dedicated service to competitive swimming in Ontario.

The COBRA Swim Club is blessed with superb coaches, fantastic staff, and dedicated volunteers which resulted in yet another successfully run Intraclub swim meet. A special thank you to the Squad 1 swimmers for the mentorship they provided at this meet with our newest competitive swimmers.