Fall Invite Job Sign Up

 Hello SPDY Families.

Our job signup for the Fall Invite will open and go live this Wednesday, October 25th, at 7PM.  

Keep in mind, if you want to sign up for one of the computer spots (Scoring or Timing computer) you must contact one of our Volunteer Coordinators to have them sign you up.  They will verify that you have worked this area in the past and/or have attended our training session prior to plugging you into those spots.  

For our new parents unfamiliar with some of the positions, timing is one of the easiest yet most vital positions we need. If your skills are in people management our staging area could use you.  Basically stagers take control of large groups of very energetic young swimmers and get them organized into their correct event/heat/lane postion prior to their races.  Concessions is always busy and in need of help.  Whatever the position, keep in mind we always want you to be able to watch your swimmer compete so all postions allow you to head to the pool deck to watch your swimmer. 

If you have any questions or problems please give a shout to Ame Gargulak at (715) 340-6724 or Kelly Barden at  (715) 340-0973 (our co-volunteer coordinators), or any of our other parent board members.  I will be on the pool deck tomorrow for the mock meet so feel free to ask questions there as well.

Also - The sign up for items we need for our concessions area is live as of tonight.  Please take a look at the list and bring something in to help us out.  Items can be dropped off on the pool deck prior to the meet or brought in the Friday night before the meet.  Anything requiring refrigeration should be brought in that Friday night.

I am looking forward to our meet season starting and excited to get a chance to see all of our swimmers in action.