2017-2018 Technical Suit Guide

YOTA Swim Team Family,

Please use the attached 2017-2018 YOTA Swim Team Technical Suit Guide (click HERE) to answer any questions that you may have in regards to which suit you should be wearing for your focus meets during the 2017-2018 short course season. This document shows which age groups may “suit up”, which meets they may “suit up” for, and which Arena technical suits to purchase. We will have a new list for the long course season.

Remember that we are an Arena team, so we will be wearing only Arena technical suits at all of our meets. Further, if it isn't a focus meet, all of our YOTA athletes should be wearing their team issued non-technical suit.

The only two meets where YOTA will be providing these technical suits for competition will be the USA Swimming Short Course Junior Nationals, and YMCA Short Course Nationals. For all other focus meets, you will be responsible for purchasing your Arena tech suits.

Please remember to purchase your Arena tech suits at All-American Swim Supply in either Cary ( (919) 439-8678) or North Raleigh ( (919) 439-8678) so you can get your YOTA team discount.

If you have any questions about the attached Technical Suit Guide please talk with your coach or site director.