The 6 Lane pool locker rooms: Off Limits to Swim team

Tiger Sharks Swimmers, Parents, and Coaches,

There have been numerous complaints by YMCA members, swim team parents,
and swimmers regarding a wide range of misconduct in the 6 lane pool bathrooms.
It stops today !

Starting Monday, October 30th, 2017
The 6 Lane pool locker rooms (Family Locker rooms) 
will be off limits to Tiger Shark swimmers
Coaches will direct all swimmers to use the 12 Lane locker rooms between the two pools.
The only exceptions will be younger swimmers that need assistance from their parents.
Coaches will NOT be monitoring the inside of the  locker rooms at any time,
Unless there is an issue or emergency. This is for your child’s safety and the coaches!

Parents, please discuss appropriate behavior a locker room:

The 12 lane locker room is a changing area shared with many members of the Ocean County YMCA 
as well as six different High School teams during their season (November – February).
Please BE RESPECTFUL of others and their stuff.
There is no loitering or playing in the locker rooms.
Anyone who is found damaging or misusing the locker room will be 
immediately dismissed from the facility and or suspended from the team

Locker Room Reminders:

  • Please keep your bags off the benches.
    - Put your bags in the lockers or in the bleachers as a group or team 
  • Please secure all valuables
  • Please do not leave the showers or sink faucets running 
      - If you see them on, turn them off !
  • Please keep the locker room clean and safe for everyone (Throw away your trash).
  • Don’t touch other people stuff.
  • Respect privacy
  • Put your phone away. Phones are prohibited in any locker room.

During Practice
Coaches will make every effort to recognize when an athlete goes to the locker room during practice, if they do not return in a timely fashion, coaches may send another swimmer to check on the athlete’s whereabouts.
If locker rooms are left dirty the coach or YMCA Employee may require the swim team to clean up.

Swim Meets   
The 12 lane locker room will be closed to all members and parents during major invitational meets
This will be a space for swimmers only during swim meets.
Parents should NOT be entering the locker rooms for any reason.
Parents can use the bathrooms in the hallway to the right of the 
double doors before entering the main building. 

David Eldridge 
Head Swim Team Coach

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