Splash update October 27

Reminder about our BIG night coming up!!

Our big fundraiser is less than a month away! Keep spreading the word through social media about our fundraiser at Montes’ on Friday November 24th featuring Cory Tetford. Tickets are $20 each.

For tickets please contact Maureen Nolan

If you have items for the auction please contact Jane Richardson

If you need a letter requesting auction items please contact Wendy Woodford

We still need more volunteers to help make this fundraiser a success. This is an event which requires a lot of pre planning and work the night of. It has the potential to be very fun and profitable night for the club. If you are able to help out before and / or during this event please let Wendy know.

You’ll earn volunteer credits for helping out, you’ll earn $10 towards your MFC for every ticket that you sell and you’ll earn 50% towards your MFC for what your auction item sells for. Get selling tickets and collecting auction items!

Sobeys gift cards...

Planning for  team travel, holiday travel or a vacation ? Did you know that  Sobeys now offers Air Canada gift cards.  For road trips, you can also use your Sobeys cards to buy Irving gas cards. There are a number of Sobeys gar bars in HRM but they can be harder find as you travel around the province. Contact Andrea or Gary for more info on

See you all tomorrow at the fun meet and pot-luck :)