Weekly Update Monday, October 30th

BBST Weekly Update 
Monday, October 30th 

Halloween Practice Schedule
Bronze: No Practice 
Silver: No Practice 
Rose-Gold: No Practice
White-Gold: Normal Practice
Platinum: No AM Practice; evening practice 5:15 to 7:00 pm
Elite: 5:15 – 7:00 pm

Support BBST Families in Need  
We are proud to be starting a scholarship program for our very own members who may need a little extra support financially with dues. We believe that one of the best underused resources are our own parents! In order for us to offer this service to those families, we are opening up a scholarship fund andwe need your HELP! If you feel like your family has a little extra to give, there are 3 ways you can donate to our scholarship fund:
#1 - One time donation with a check - Make checks payable to BBST and place in the black box at the pool. Please write in the memo line BBST Scholarship Fund so that your funds are go towards the scholarship fund and not your account. 
#2 - One time donation with credit card - send Coach Heather an email at bbstblackfishoffice@gmail.com with the donation amount and she will charge your credit card through your BBST account. 
#3 - Monthly donation added to your dues - if you feel like you would like to contribute to the scholarship fund on a monthly basis, send Coach Heather an email with the amount you would like added to your bill each month and she will apply it to your monthly dues amount. Cancel anytime, there is no minimum monthly requirement. 
100 percent of your donation will go to helping BBST families in need and is tax deductible! 

FREE Stroke and Turn Clinic This Saturday
There are still spots left for the upcoming FREE Stroke and Turn Clinic THIS Saturday from 7:00 to 8:30 am. Coach Heather will be running this clinic for Bronze and Silver swimmers and this is a great opportunity for swimmers to get more individualized instruction. Space is limited to the first 15 swimmers, so sign up today! Remember, these FREE clinics are made possible due to the success of last year’s Swim-A-Thon!

Parent Supervision Reminder
Please remember that all 10&Under swimmers are required to have supervision when at the pool outside of practice times.  Parents have fallen into the habit of dropping their swimmers off 20-30 minutes early to the pool.  Unfortunately, per our agreement with Arne Hanna again, the pool is not 100% open to swimmers during those times.  While on deck, coaches have one job – to coach.  We cannot (nor should we be required to) dedicate the attention span necessary to keep younger swimmer’s behavior in check while also ensuring the development of the swimmers currently in the water.  While 10 minutes early does not cause problems, any more than that will usually find swimmers playing in the water and disrupting other programs. 

With that being said, please also remember the only time swimmers are allowed in the water outside of practice time is during Arne Hanna’s open and family swim periods.  We’ve had issues the last few weeks with swimmers getting in the water while swim lessons are going on.  The pool is not 100% open to our swimmers when they’re at the pool, and we have to share the water with other programs. Please make sure to keep your swimmer out of the water before practice.