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Coach Amy’s Comments:

1.) No Practice: ALL AGE GROUP practices are CANCELLED tonight.  Red team will practice on Wednesday, November 1 as a make-up during their regularly scheduled time. All other groups will practice on Wednesday as normal. Happy Halloween!

2.) GRE Meet Updated Info: From the Greenwood Gators: Saturday AM and Sunday AM timelines will run long.  The relays on Saturday AM (Events 1-4) will be scratched. Also Saturday PM and Sunday PM warm ups will be pushed back an hour with warm-ups starting not before 1pm and a meet start time of not before 2pm.

Entry to the School / Parking - Access to the pool will be through door "31N" reading "Greenwood Activity Center" (North-East parking lot, by the football field) signs reading "POOL" will be posted when you turn into the high school as a guide. Parking will be available in the lot by this door.  Upon entering the school, more signage will be posted as a guide to the pool area.

3.) GRE Meet Team Shirt Colors:  Saturday will be red and Sunday will be black or gray.

4.) Jingle Bell RSVP: Please be sure to RSVP by the entry deadline. This has the potential to be a big meet and we will be strict about the deadline. 

5.) Pre-Senior 2 Practice Schedule Change: In order to maximize our pool time and the pool time of other groups, Pre-Senior 2 practices will run from 5:15pm-7:15pm Mon-Thurs. beginning on November 6th. 

Have a great week and see you at the pool!

CGAC Halloween Party – Huge thank you to Crystal Crist for putting together a great party for our swimmers last week!

Senior Team Billing - There was a billing system malfunction for Senior swimmers only last month.  None of the Senior swimmers were billed for October training fees on 10/1 as they should have so their November bill will show October training fees due Nov 1 (but no training fees are assessed in November). Email Chris Cuadros at with any questions.

Swim Meet 101 Meeting Reminder - Swim Meet 101 Meeting is Wednesday November 1st at 6:00 pm in room 352 at CGHS. This meeting is for any parent who wants to learn what to expect as you work your first swim meet. Job descriptions will be explained as well as how to sign up to work and what you need to know as you attend your first swim meet as a parent.

Jingle Bell Job Sign-Ups Reminder - JOB SIGNUPS WILL BE TURNED ON WEDNESDAY NOV 1ST AT APPROXIMATELY 6:30 PM. As you sign up to work, we do ask that you not have small children with you so that you are able to focus on your duties and also to ensure the safety of your children as the meets can get quite busy. Also, if your swimmer is working a spot for you, they are only allowed to do deck positions and must be at least 14.

Jingle Bell Gift Card Sign-Ups – Sign-ups for Gift cards has been turned on. Remember that you may only donate a maximum of 2 gift cards per season. If you choose to donate a gift card as ONE of your credits, please purchase a $30 gift card for Walmart. Write your name on it and put it in the payment box next to the ribbon box. 

CGAC Swim Parent Informational Videos - Here is a link to a few helpful videos that give information on how to read a meet packet, how to sign up for volunteer spots, and what your swimmer should pack for a meet. Hopefully, you find them useful! These will also be uploaded to the website soon!

Announcer Needed – Our Meet Coordinator Kim Ferguson is still looking for people who are interested in training to be an Announcer at our meets. Please email Kim at  if you are interested and she will sign you up to shadow at the Jingle Bell meet.

Ongoing Updates & Reminders

RSVP Pike December Closed Invitational - Don’t forget to RSVP for the Pike December Closed Invitational Meet which is replacing the BSC meet in Bloomington. Even if you RSVP’d for the BSC meet, you will need to RSVP for the Invite instead.

Kroger Community Rewards - Are you a Kroger shopper?  Please register your Kroger Plus Savings Card at and select to support CGAC.  Once you are enrolled, 3-5% of your purchases with your Kroger Plus Savings Card will be donated to CGAC each quarter.

Advertising - Do you have or know of a business that is interested in using advertising?  Please contact Brian Lewis at to get more information on CGAC sponsorship opportunities in exchange for advertising.

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