PSW PASS Meet Wrap Up
October 15, 2017

This last Sunday afternoon, the Surrey Knights deployed 61 of their young knights to battle and test their
ware in the beautiful Grandview pool. For 19 of them it was their first swim meet ever and for many
their first PASS meet ever.

Coaches Juliette, Robert, Dinny, Andrew, Kayla and Philippe were assisted by two of our club’s best
swimmers: Scott who won a medal at last summer’s Canada Games and Ellen who competes at the
Western National level and who also coaches Silver on Fridays.

Many of our young knights, with minimal preparation jumped both feet in and raced the 100 IM as if
they had done it many times before. Such courage is a mark of true Knights! In the 200 IM, we had
several swimmers qualifying for the next level of competition, the Lower Mainland Regional league.
Shyla, Bob, Daniel, Brayden, Carolyne, Celina, Ethan C, Flora and Eric all made the move up which means
that this was their last PASS meet ever.

Throughout the races, coaches paid special attention to swimmers who out did themselves, swimmers
who raced beyond their comfort zone (we do that when even though our body is hurting we keep
pushing to win or make it hard for someone else to win) and met after the meet to decide who would be
the Skittle cup winners and notable mentions.

The first notable mentions of the year were: Andy, Adrian, Eric, Brayden, Roc (great streamlines!),
Celina, Yasmeen, Tiffany, Li-An and Giulia (great team spirit and cheerleader!) And our first Skittle cup
winners were Justin and Carolyne!