GWSC Freaky Halloween Sprint Meet Highlights

Newport Beach Swimming had a great showing at the Golden West “Freaky Halloween Sprint Meet” down at JSerra Catholic High School. 34 swimmers competed from NBS and for 6 of them it was their first ever USA club swimming competition. There were 109 best times posted at the meet and a total of 124.03 seconds were dropped as a team. Way to go Newport!!!


 Heat winners were awarded pumpkins at the meet. Congrats to the Pumpkin Winners: Nani Amoroso, Chiara Amoroso, Derrion Bucklin, Natalie Chang, Finn LeSieur, Lexi Mandel, Ryan Ramirez, Annie Somers, Caitlin Stayt, Sophia Verdugo and Tess Walshe.


Here are the athletes that got Top 8 finishes:


Nani Amoroso- 1st 50 Fly, 2nd 100 Back,  2nd 100 Free, 2nd 50 Free, 3rd 100 Fly, 4th 100IM, 5th 200IM, 6th 100 Breast

Derrion Bucklin- 2nd 100 Fly, 5th 50 Back

Natalie Chang- 1st 50 Back, 1st 200IM, 3rd 50 Fly

Cameron Clark- 2nd 25 Breast, 2nd 100 Free, 6th 50 Fly

Miller Clark- 5th 50 Back, 8th 50 Fly

Reagan D’Ambra- 2nd 100 Back

Sofia Del Villar- 8th 50 Fly

Finn LeSieur- 1st 100 Free, 3rd 25 Breast, 4th 25 Free

Logan Malone- 7th 100 Free

Lexi Mandel- 5th 200IM, 7th 100 Breast, 8th 50 Free

Andera McCarthy- 5th 25 Fly, 5th 25 back, 7th 25 Free, 8th 100IM

Angelena Peterson- 3rd 25 Breast, 5th 25 Free

Ryan Ramirez- 1st 100 Fly, 2nd 100IM, 8th 25 Fly

Gretchen Sheck- 8th 50 Free

​Skye Smith- 6th 50 Back

Annie Somers- 1st 25 Breast, 1st 100 Free, 3rd 25 Free

Caitlin Stayt- 4th 50 Back, 4th 100 Back, 6th 200IM, 7th 100 Free

Sophia Verdugo- 5th 100 Free, 6th 50 Back

Tess Walshe- 4th 50 Fly, 5th 100IM, 6th 100 Free