27 STARS Qualify for 3A and 4A FHSAA Regionals

Congratulations to the following STARS on advancing to the their designated FHSAA Region meets:

Ocoee (4A) - Bailey Brandon-Imes, Megan Hogan, Ryan Le, Gisa Souza and Marli Watson

Olympia (4A) - Tyler Dillon, Stacey Lu, Clay Marsh, Aidan McConkey, Tara Wright, and Valerie Wright

Southlake (3A) - Jessica Blazek and Ellex Schmidt

West Orange (4A) - Ava Bartolomei, Ashley Beauchamp, Rhiannon Driscoll, Alex Robinson, Christian Robinson and Gabriel Vazquez

Winderemere (3A) - Regan Allen, Camden Bell, Nathan Gracey, Cali Harney, Ethan Sido, Sydney Sutherland, Bryce Sutherland and Ryan Ziegler

This brings a grand total of 41 swimmers that have qualified to regions this year from all the the FHSAA Classes! A new STARS team record!