November Newsletter

Team Newsletter

Volume 1, Issue 11


“Motivation is what gets you started. HABIT IS what keeps you going.” 
~Jim Rohn

We had an amazing October!  We have a lot of new faces on the team.  All the coaches have had great pleasure in watching their phenomenal progress and talent.  Our team looks strong and fast!  We've had plenty of state, zones and sectionals qualifying swims already!  We will be MAKO STRONG when we get to the championship portion of the season!

Our meet was a huge success!  Thank you to all parents for chipping in to help out at our meet!  Special thanks to our Parent Task Force who were doing work way before the meet even started.  Hosting meets is crucial for the success of teams.  It helps cover costs that our monthly dues can not cover.  It also provides pride to the swimmers, parents and coaches.


No Practice Dates
  • November 10-11 for Veteran's Day
  • November 23-24 for Thanksgiving
14th - Bowling 17-19th - High Desert Classic
  • This is a prelims/finals swim meet.  There are time standards for this meet.  When signing up, if you see red where your swimmer's times are then they may not swim that event. 
18th - B League Series #2
  • This meet is for swimmers to swim any events they do not have state qualifying times.  This is a perfect meet for beginner swimmers to get times.  This one is held in Los Alamos.
Dec 3rd - B League Series #3
  • This is another team hosted meet.  This is another perfect meet to try to get times at.  There are no time standards for this meet. 
  • We will have job sign ups posted to the event page shortly



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How champions build trust and camaraderie

By Elizabeth Boger
Kelly Pannek knows the importance of a team-first attitude. For three seasons, the Plymouth, Minnesota, native has played with the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers women’s hockey team – studying the culture, building relationships with teammates and winning two NCAA Division I national championships.


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Success Board


Male 11-12 50 Back Sirignano, Anthony J 10/14/2017 34.17
Male 11-12 200 Back Sirignano, Anthony J 10/15/2017 2:40.92
Male 10 & Under 50 Back Espinosa, Lucas H 10/28/2017 40.54
Male 10 & Under 50 Free Espinosa, Lucas H 10/29/2017 34.73
Male 10 & Under 200 Free Relay Wolfe, Carter A; Solis, Caleb P; Decker, Asher C; Paul, Nathan B 10/14/2017 2:54.39
Male 17 & Over 50 Free Lawson, Robert M 10/15/2017 23.30
Male 15 & Over 50 Fly Meyer, Eli W 10/29/2017 24.90
Male 15 & Over 50 Free Meyer, Eli W 10/29/2017 22.40
Male 15 & Over 100 Back Meyer, Eli W 10/29/2017 55.50
Male 15 & Over 100 Fly Pazand, Camron K 10/15/2017 55.89
Male 15 & Over 100 IM Pazand, Camron K 10/14/2017 1:00.01
Female 13-14 50 Breast Kundeling, Sowang 10/01/2017 36.11
Female 15 & Over 50 Breast Southwell, Chelsey C 10/28/2017 35.57
Female 15 & Over 50 Fly Jones, Hannah V 10/14/2017 28.17
Female 15 & Over 100 IM Jones, Hannah V 10/14/2017 1:07.08

MAKO Sprint Series
Leilani Ahyo 1st 25 Fr, 1st 25 Bk
Dylan Bonnett 5th 50 Br
Maya Bonnett 1st 25 Br, 1st 50 Br, 3rd 25 Bk
Ariana Chavez 8th 25 Fly
Liliana Chavez 5th 25 Fly
Avy Chavez-Rodriguez 5th 50Fly, 1st 50bk, 5th 200 Bk, 7th 50 Fr
Izel Conejo 6th 200 Fr, 6th 200IM
Asher Decker 3rd 25 Fr
Gracie Espinosa 3rd 100IM, 6th 50 Bk, 6th 200IM, 4th 50 Br, 3rd 50 Fr
Lucas Espinosa 7th 50 Fr, 7th 100IM, 4th 50 Bk, 7th 100 Fr, 5th 50 Br
Destyn Gaffney 5th 200 Fr, 4th 100 Fr, 8th 200IM, 7th 200 Bk, 5th 100 Fly
Hannah Hady 8th 50 Fly
Cutter Howe 5th 50 Br
Camaro Howell 2nd 50 Fly, 4th 100 fr, 5th 50 Fr, 3rd 100 Fly
Hannah Jones 1st 50 Fly, 4th 100IM, 1st 50 Bk, 2nd 100 Fr, 1st 200 Bk, 2nd 50 Fr
Rilee Jones 8th 100IM, 5th 100 Fr, 7th 50 Br
Autumn Kryfko-Stanart 8th 25 Bk
Serlha Kundeling 7th 50 Fly, 8th 50 Bk, 6th 50 Br, 6th 50 Fr
Sowang Kundeling 3rd 100 IM, 5th 100 Fr, 5th 200IM, 6th 50 Fr
CJ Lawson 6th 200 Br, 8th 200 IM
Micah Lawson 4th 50 Fly, 4th 50 Bk, 4th 100 Fr, 3rd 200IM, 2nd 50 Fr, 5th 100 Fly
Trevor Lawson 5th 50 Fly, 1st 50 Bk, 4th 100 Fr, 8th 200IM, 1st 50 Fr
Philip McLaughlin 7th 50 Fly, 5th 100IM, 5th 50 Bk, 7th 100 Fr, 5th 200IM, 7th 100 Fly
Thomas McLaughlin 7th 100IM, 5th 200IM, 3rd 50 Br, 3rd 50 Fr, 7th 100 Fly
Eli Meyer 6th 50 Fly, 5th 100IM, 3rd 50 Bk, 8th 100Fr, 3rd 200IM, 2nd 50 Br, 5th 50 Fr
Dante Mueller 6th 50 Fly, 2nd 100IM
Nolan Ortiz 1st 25 Fr
Rylee Ortiz 1st 25 Fly, 3rd 25 Fr
Taylon Ortiz 3rd 25 Fly, 5th 25 Fr
Ben Paul 8th 50 Fly, 8th 100IM, 8th 100Fly
Nate Paul 3rd 25 Fly, 8th 200 Fr, 3rd 25 Br, 3rd 25 Bk
Camron Pazand 1st 50 Fly, 3rd 100IM, 4th 200IM, 2nd 50 Fr, 1st 100 Fly
Addy Perez 8th 25 Br
Brady Peters 7th 50 Fly, 4th 100IM, 7th 100 Fr, 6th 200IM, 6th 50 Br, 4th 50 Fr
Tony Sirignano 6th 50 Fly, 3rd 100IM, 3rd 50Bk, 6th 100 Fr, 4th 50 Br, 3rd 200Bk, 5th 50 Fr, 5th 100Fly
Deja Smith 4th 25 Fr, 5th 25 Br
Caleb Solis 5th 25 Br, 5th 25 Bk
Chelsey Southwell 8th 50 fly, 4th 200 Br, 7th 200IM, 5th 50 Br
Kendal Southwell 3rd 200 Br, 2nd 200IM, 2nd 200 Bk, 2nd 100 Fly
Jazzy Tscherne 7th 200 Fr, 5th 50 Bk, 5th 100 Fr, 3rd 200 Bk
Caleb Weir 5th 50 Bk, 8th 200 Bk
Maya Williamson 3rd 25 Fr, 4th 25 Br, 4th 25 Bk
Carter Wolfe 2nd 25 Fr
Jordyn Wemhoner 3rd 50 Fly, 5th 100IM, 3rd 50Bk, 7th 100 Fr, 3rd 200IM, 4th 200 Bk, 7th 50 Fr, 3rd 100 Fly

B League Series #1
Jake Ahyo 1st 50 Bk, 2nd 50 Fr
Ariana Chavez 8th 50 Fr, 8th 50 Bk
Liliana Chavez 5th 50 Fr, 4th 50 Br, 3rd 100IM
McKenzie Cox 2nd 200 Bk, 4th 50 Fr, 2nd 50 Bk, 5th 200 Fr
Michael Dryga 3rd 50 Fr, 8th 50 Fly
Brandon Maier 5th 50 Fr
Abby Patnode 4th 50 Bk, 8th 50 Fr, 5th 50 Br
Jaselle Patnode 1st 50 Bk, 3rd 200 Br, 1st 100IM, 4th 200 Fr
Ben Paul 2nd 100IM, 3rd 200 Fr, 5th 50 Fr, 4th 50 Fly
Nate Paul 5th 200 Fr
Kevin Perez 2nd 50 Bk, 2nd 50 Br, 3rd 50 Fr
Tony Sirignano 1st 200 Bk, 1st 50 Br, 1st 50 Fly, 1st 100IM
Madi Woods-Marks 1st 50 Fly, 4th 50 Br, 6th 200 Fr

Duke Spooktacular
Dylan Bonnett 6th 50 Br
Maya Bonnett 2nd 25 Br, 6th 25 Bk
Avy Chavez-Rodriguez 1st 50 Bk, 4th 50 Fr, 2nd 50 Fly
Gracie Espinosa 1st 50 Br, 2nd 50 Bk, 6th 50 Fr
Hannah Jones 8th 500 Fr
Rilee Jones 4th 50 Br, 7th 50 Bk, 8th 50 Fr
Trevor Lawson 4th 100 Fr, 2nd 200 Bk, 7th 100 Fly, 8th 200 Fr, 7th 50 Fly
Phillip McLaughlin 8th 200 Bk
Thomas McLaughlin 3rd 200 Br, 8th 100 Fr, 3rd 50 Bk, 6th 50 Fr, 5th 100 Br
Eli Meyer 1st 200IM, 1st 100 Fr, 2nd 50 Br, 3rd 100 Fly, 1st 50 Fr, 2nd 100 Br, 1st 100 Bk, 1st 50 Fly
Ally Monroy 7th 50 Br
Rylee Ortiz 8th 25 Fly
Camron Pazand 2nd 200IM, 3rd 100 Fr, 1st 100 Fly, 3rd 200 Fr, 2nd 50 Fr, 3rd 100 Bk
Brady Peters 4th 50Br, 7th 50Fr, 6th 100 Br, 4th 100 Bk
Tony Sirignano 3rd 50 Br, 3rd 50 Bk,
Chelsey Southwell 3rd 50 Br
Kendal Southwell 1st 50 Br, 5th 100 Fly, 2nd 500 Fr, 1st 100 Br, 8th 100 Bk
Jazzy Tscherne 1st 200 Bk, 2nd 50 Fr
Marina Weideman 8th 50 Br
Caleb Weir 5th 50 Bk
Happy Birthday to our November Birthday Swimmers!
Asher Decker
Anastazja De Los Santos
Henry Moon
Richard Hall
Isabelle Wirth
Rylee  Ortiz
John Byndas