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DART at Sacramento honored at the SNS Awards Banquet

Sierra Nevada Swimming held their annual Awards Banquet last Sunday honoring many volunteers, coaches and swimmers.  It was a big night for DART at Sacramento – our swimmers and parents were recognized in many awards categories.  DART at Sacramento was also recognized for having the most number of SN Scholar-Athletes in the LSC – kudos to our swimmers for being successful both in the classrooms as well as in the pool!


  • Officials AwardYihwin Huang.  Recognized by the LSC Officials Committee for his outstanding service.  

Our Sam Uriu Award winner for 2017 is a member of the DART of Sacramento Team. He started his officiating career at Arden Hills. I remember in the past, that he even worked at the Community College Swimming Championships at American River College, when he had no swimmers in attendance. He became an LSC Official in November of 2013 and has worked a total of 100 + sessions during this time. This last year, 2017, he worked a total of 35 sessions as a Stroke and Turn Judge. He has been a student of the National Certification Program, where he has been certified as an N2 Stroke and Turn Judge. This program's primary goal is to expand the education of Officials though mentoring, participation and evaluation as well as recognizing those Officials who have demonstrated their knowledge of swim officiating at each level and position. A fellow Official said this about our Sam Uriu Award winner, “Here are a few things that come to mind. He is always bringing a smile and positive attitude to the Officials' meetings, and when he is on deck he is a true professional and accurate in his calls. Off deck he is kindhearted, joking and a "perfect" Swim Dad. Our 2017 Sam Uriu Award Winner is Yihwin Huang.

  • SafeSport Impact AwardDART at Sacramento

Recognized for many of our enhanced policies and processes in place that addressed swimmer/parent code of conduct, safety, cyberbullying etc to achieve healthy and respectful relationships amongst swimmers, parents and coaches and a safe, abuse-free environment for our team.

  • National Top 10sAmalie Fackenthal, Halladay Kinsey, Kailee Nabeta, Lucy Huang
  • Sierra Nevada Swimming Top 3 (SCY/LCM)Arielle Montevirgen, Lucy Huang, Amalie Fackenthal, Halladay Kinsey, Chloe Miller, Denis Valle, Will Roberts, Hayden Johnson
  • Sierra Nevada Record BreakersAmalie Fackenthal, Halladay Kinsey
  • Sierra Nevada Scholar-Athlete Awards: Mackenzie Ayala; Amalie Fackenthal; Hayden Johnson; Ian Low; Youssef Mahmoud; Kailee Nabeta; Hannah Parulan; Emma Peters; Will Roberts; Dylan Sewell; Alex To; Rebecca Waterson; Joe Zales
  • Female Swimmer of the Year:  Amalie Fackenthal

Our Head Coach, Brian Nabeta, was also nominated Sr. Coach-of-the-Year for the 2nd year in a row (he won last year).