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October FISH of the Month - Collin Moore


October FISH of the Month – Collin Moore



After a successful two months of training and fast swims, the FISH of the Month for October is Collin Moore of Mini FISH.  The FISH staff have seen Collin carry his experiences from past seasons and really thrive so far this season.  He brings smiles, leadership, and excitement to every practice! 

Collin is eight years old, but you wouldn’t tell from his maturity and speed.  He started swimming when he was five, but missed one year because of a broken arm.  Surprisingly, his favorite stroke is butterfly! 

At the Fall Gator Mini Meet, Collin dropped a total of 40 seconds over six different swims and placed in the top ten in four events.  We see this as only the first step in a fast, successful season.  When asked for the biggest reasons in his improvement, Collin points to “practice and tips from coaches for something to improve.”  When not at the pool or school, Collin enjoys reading, soccer, and Minecraft. 

Quick Response Questions: 

  • Gatorade or Powerade? 
    • Gatorade (I’ve never had Powerade.)
  • Favorite word?
    • Galumphing (It’s just a funny word.)
  • Least favorite word?
    • Hairy
  • What does FISH mean to you?
    • Excitement, something I enjoy.  More swimming!