EAC Newsletter 11.05.17

Good evening, Gators!

  1. Practice Schedule: Normal practice schedule this week, and there will be practices on Saturday.
  2. Meet Review: Congratulations to all the USA swimmers who swam at Central York this weekend!
  3. Bulldog Splash: Remember that entries for the Bulldog Splash are due tonight! Entry fees are due by Tuesday.
  4. Coach Spotlight: In this edition, we are highlighting another one of our new coaches, Coach Andrew Foltz. Here are some facts about Coach Andrew:
  • I have been coaching for 7 years and this is my first season coaching with EAC.  I grew up swimming for EAC and am excited to be back to coach with the program!

Coaching experience:

•       Mount Joy Swim Team, 7 years (2011 – present)

•       Lancaster Catholic High School, 3 years (2014-2017)

•       Also coached high school football for 4 years

  • The greatest reward that I find in coaching is seeing swimmers have fun and being successful in their endeavors.  I also enjoy seeing the camaraderie built among swimmers as friends, family, and teammates.
  • My favorite:  Color – Orange; Food – BBQ Ribs; Holiday – Thanksgiving… A day filled with family, food, and football!; Swim stroke – Breaststroke (and a big fan of any relays)
  • Advice for swimmers: “If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it, then I can achieve it.”  Set goals, truly believe in yourself, and have fun during the process of working to achieve what you desire.

  1. Green Videos:

Freestyle - fist drill


Butterfly - angels over the water


Breaststroke 2-2-1-1


Backstroke whistle drill

No video

Thanks for reading tonight's edition of the newsletter! Have an amazing week, Gators!

Yours in swim-ness,