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Let's Get to know the Staff! Part 1: Coach Preston Parrish


Hello Parents,

As we continue to grow as a team and family we have noticed that sometimes getting to know each other can be tough. The swimmers get to know each other very well but we see the struggle of parents getting to know the coaches staff outside of just their swimmers coach. We pride ourselves on a desire to create a family atmosphere at the YMCA and the RAYS program. So in pursuit of that we are going have the coaches pick questions and interview each other with the goal of us all getting to know each other a little better!

Every couple of weeks a coach/lead volunteer will be selected to answer random questions that will allow you the families to get to know us a little more than just swim coaches and or PAC members! These questions can be about them personal, their likes and dislikes, humorous, or some swimming related questions. All of these questions are aimed at one goal, getting to know each other a little more! Tim Conley started us off with selecting Coach Preston Parrish as our first, “Get to know me” coach! Coach Preston is the Lead Senior Coach for the Rays Program and he oversees the staff and development of the Rays program at all the sites.  

Coach Tim: Preston, Where did you grow up?

Coach Preston: Mt. Pleasant, SC


Coach Tim: What states have you traveled to?

Coach Preston: Haha this is funny. I recently recounted how many states I’ve been to - that answer is 31! It includes the east coast from Florida to New York, most of the Midwest (I lived in Indiana for 3 years), Texas, Colorado, Washington (state & DC), Oregon, California and Arizona. I’m really interested in exploring the northeast and west more. 


Coach Tim: What is your favorite swimming event to coach?

Coach Preston: Wow I’ve never really thought about this. I really love the 200s because it takes more strategy and a higher level of fitness to be successful at. 


Coach Tim: What was your favorite swimming event to swim?

Coach Preston: 100 free or 200 back. Can’t pick between the 2. 


Coach Tim: If you didn't have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time?

Coach Preston: Read! I love both fiction and non fiction books. Tim Ferriss, Malcolm Gladwell, George RR Martin, are some of my favorite authors. A friend recently turned me on to the Mitch Rapp series by Vince Flynn so I’ve started reading those now too. 


Coach Tim: Tell us one song that you have completely memorized?

Coach Preston: Just one? Haha. Red Hot Chili Peppers is one of my favorite bands. Anything by them I know for sure. 


Coach Tim: What is your favorite place to eat in York/Lancaster County?

Coach Preston: Without a doubt - The Yolk. Coach Tim and I eat there way too often. 


Coach Tim: What do you love about the RAYS swim team?

Coach Preston: Honestly every kid I’ve worked with has had a great work ethic, been coachable in terms of accepting feedback, and had a great sense of humor. There’s nothing I love more than working with kids with good attitudes who work hard to achieve their goals. Looking forward to a great season with everyone! 


Thanks for your great answers Coach Preston. Coach Preston has selected Coach Holly from our Clover Community site to be the next “Get to know Me” Coach!


-Tim Conley, Director of Swim Team Operations


Coach Preston’s Bio from the Rays website!

Preston Parrish is the assistant Senior Coach and new lead site coach for the Rock Hill Aquatics Center. Coach Preston will assist Coach Tim and Coach Lynn with the running of the Senior and Pre-Senior groups at the Rock Hill Aquatics Center. He will also assist in the daily admin of the team. Coach Preston brings a wealth of knowledge to our staff and will be tasked with continuing to develop the Rays into a top program in the state and nationwide. His focus will be on preparing our senior and pre-senior athletes for success in and out of the water while focusing on the details and development of our younger athletes.

Preston is entering his 9th year coaching as he joins the Rays Staff. He has worked with some of the top programs in the county. Most recently he has been working with the senior athletes at the South Carolina Swim Club in Charleston, SC. He has also coached for SwimMAC Carolina in Charlotte, NC, Carmel Swim Club in Indiana, and the University of South Carolina throughout his career. 

Preston has served on various USA swimming camps operating throughout his career, including serving as the Head Manager for the Men's National Select Camp in 2015. 

As an athlete, Preston swam for the College of Charleston - helping lead the Cougars to back-to-back conference titles in 2008 and 2009. He is a former team record holder in backstroke and sprint freestyle events as well as freestyle and medley relays. He graduated with a degree in Business Administration. He also has a graduate degree in sports and entertainment management from the University of South Carolina.