EAC Midweek Update 11.08.17

Good evening, Gators!

Here are a few mid-week items for you:

  1. AquaFest: Get ready to swim! :-) If your swimmer is registered to swim at AquaFest, please plan to arrive around 7:30 on Sunday morning at Cumberland Valley High School. Admission is $5 per person (under 12 free).  Please note that the building will not be open before 7:00. In the past, there have been issues with having enough room for spectators. We have been informed that the spectator area will not be open until 7:30 and they are asking that families limit themselves to one spectator per swimmer per event. In the past, many families have set up chairs out in the hallway and gone in to the spectator area just for each event our swimmers are in, but that is entirely up to you. There will be concessions available throughout the meet, but please note that swimmers are not permitted to have food on deck with them. Water is fine. In addition, spectators are not permitted to have food or drinks other than water in the spectator area.
  2. Spirit Wear: Did you miss the first round of spirit wear orders? Or did you not order everything on your Christmas list? You’re in luck! The store is opening again and we will have items in time for Christmas! The store will close on Friday, November 24th so we can have delivery for Christmas. Here’s the link:

  1. Swim Caps: I spoke with our contact at T&T Swimming today and because of the business of the season, we are not expected to receive our caps until next week. I had hoped to have the caps in time for AquaFest, but it appears that won’t be the case. If your swimmer does not have an EAC cap, we will allow other caps for this weekend, but strongly recommend that they be solid color (or turned inside out). Swimmers will not be allowed to wear a cap from their summer team (league rules). If you ordered a non-personalized EAC cap, we may be able to have some available this weekend from our extra supply from last year.

As always, if you have questions, please let me know.