BAD Invitational Meet Results

First of all, thanks Jenny Chung and the coaches for putting this news together, it is much appreciated.

The Mallards Swim Team is starting out Nov with a "Big Bang".   The weekend of Nov 3 the MST competed at the Burlington Invitation and not only did we get some amazing best times the swimmers brought home Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals. Yay team.  Great job from all swimmers at the meet. "Way to go representing the Mallards Swim Team!" Let's keep the energy and drive going! Go Mallards Go.  Looking forward to seeing more best times at our upcoming in house meet.

Note from Coach Serge:

Opportunities are created by one's attendance at the meet. Especially, if the swimmers feel that the Burlington pool is fast and friendlier pool.  It is an Opportunity for swimmers to obtain Personal Best(PB) results, acquire new skills, achieve different qualifying Standards and to get very valuable information where you are in terms of preparation for the fast approaching competitive swim season. 

"Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them". (William Arthur Ward)

Some exceptional call outs from the meet:

Hurricane Group Notable Call outs:

Only two swimmers attended the meet on Friday: 

  • Leaders Sophia (age 12) and Alvin (age 15) respectively destroyed their PB (personal best) on 800 and 400 IM, gaining the applauds of the audience on bleachers.
  • Sophia, for the first time in her life, went under 10min (9.51.27) 800IM  that placed her in second place in Canada in her age group. 
  • Alvin went 4.34.57 400IM. Alvin's new time is 5 seconds faster than the second person in Canada in his age group.  Alvin is currently second in Canada among 18 and under, in this vigorous event in swimming!

Weekend events brought many really good swims:

  • Andy 100 free and 50 back
  •  Ashley C on 400 free
  • Ethan C, William on 200 free and 100 fly (1.03.58)
  • Sophia on 200 free was first with 2.14.55 and 400 free 4.47.03.  
  • Gellert was unstoppable on 400 free (PB-4.44.02) and together with Justin began to show well rounded stroke technique.
  • Justin made Provincial Standard on 100 br (1.14.08-PB) and demonstrated his new skills as sprinter on 50 br-33.44). 
  • Colin proved that his older sister’s National standards will be beaten soon-exhibiting perfect control of his performance on all events with100% of PB times. Especially on 100 bk (1.05.65), where he displayed maturity and aggressive swimming style.
  • Alvin on the scene with an impressive swim and PB’s on 200 bk-2.09.71, 200 br-2.25.27; and 100 br -1.08.48!, 400 free (4.18.36 and 200 fly-2.07.37) 
  • Samantha and Mark both produced PB in some events as well. 
  • Michelle brought to us a gift on 100 bk –she is quickly getting in shape before the next meet. 
  • Although Bryan was reluctant about the two days of participation the meet, his performance was outstanding: First time ever, Bryan broke 1min on 100 bk-59.77 and was focused on the target in the shooting range of 200 (2.05.48 and 400 free (4.29.68) with PB times!
  • New comer Tina. Tough, smart and devoted to swimming, went all out with 100% of PB times on 100 and 200 br, 100 fly and 50 free! It’s time now to get TOP 50 Canada and National Standards!

Some exceptional call outs from the Tsunami group:

The Tsunami group was represented by 11 swimmers and they brought back a total of 29 medals.  Swimmers in the Tsunami group had best times in 93% of the events they competed in.  I think that deserves a big "YAHOO" or even a simple "DAB" (as the kids would say).

We would like to recognize the entire group with special recognition to individuals below:

  • Li, Ethan 4 gold, 1 silver, 1bronze
  • Petersen, Brayden 3 gold, 2 silver 1 bronze
  • Lu, Victoria 3 gold , 2 silver, 1 bronze
  • Cui, Larissa 1 gold, 1 silver
  • Chan, Vittorio 1 gold, 1 bronze
  • Frantskevich, Steve 1 gold, 1 bronze
  • Hasiuk, Samantha 2 bronze
  • Lai, Rachel 1 silver
  • Feng, Eileen 1 silver
  • Chan, Marcus 1 bronze.

 Note from Coach to Swimmers: Well done, guys! We are on the right track! Keep going! I am sure we will see more of great results in the future!  Looking forward to seeing you all on practices!

Some exceptional call outs from the Typhoon group:

The Typhoon group was represented by 7 swimmers and brought back 4 medals and some amazing best times and accomplishments: 

 We would like to recognize the entire group with special recognition to individuals below:

  • Tonarini, Alex: Gold in Back 50 Back, Bronze in 100 Free, Bronze in 50 Brest Stroke
  • Gazala, Alex:  Bronze 50 Free
  • Buzzer, Eyal: 4th place in 100 IM
  • Wu, Donavan: 4th place in 50 Back

Special note goes to Paul Santos 9 yrs old Completed his first 200m Free style Event (way to go Paul)

Note from Coach to Swimmers:  Great job.  See you all at practice. 

Thank you,

Mallards Swim Team

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