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Sun Prairie Storm Signs with TYR

This season will be a season of a few big changes.  The first change we’re ready to announce today: The move from Adidas Swim to TYR.

When I started in Sun Prairie in 2014, I was quick to get our club signed with a major swim vendor.  I worked with the board and we researched several big companies, but I was personally intrigued by Adidas Swim.  We were a team finding its footing and Adidas Swim was doing the same.  In the three years since signing our contract with them, we’ve grown by leaps and bounds.  233%, to be exact.  We’ve been great ambassadors to the brand, becoming known as “The Adidas Team” in Wisconsin.  However, after careful consideration of Adidas Swim and its offerings, we’ve decided not to extend our contract and instead move to TYR.  We realize the timing of the change isn’t the best, but circumstances changed within the company at Adidas Swim and we felt it was best to move on.

We believe the move to TYR will help our club in several ways:

  • More sizes of suits/apparel for our younger swimmers
  • A larger variety of technical suits with more varied price points
  • More meet support for the Winter Classic (both financial & promotional)
  • Equipment for our strong open water program
  • Discounted and free gear for state & sectional qualifiers

Here are some questions likely swirling in your head:

What do I do with the Adidas swimsuit that I just bought?

Keep wearing it.  You don’t have to replace things for the sake of our sponsorship, just replace things as they wear out.  You should be replacing your competition suit annually anyway, so there’s no problem.  Once it becomes a little stretchy with time and chlorine, or your swimmer grows out of it, you can replace it with our new team suit.

One thing I will add: for the sake of affordability, we’ve elected not to make a certain suit mandatory for competition.  Many Piranhas swimmers have a suit they used over the summer that they keep using, and it’s not a huge deal.  But, to me personally, having athletes in a uniform is a big deal.  That slight touch of professionalism goes a long way to show that the team is a collective unit with pride.  The change of brands won’t change our policy, but I strongly recommend buying the new team suit when it’s convenient for you.

  You can find information on the new team suit and all the TYR technical suits here.

We have an Adidas kickboard/pull buoy—what should I do with them?

Keep using those, too.  This transition will take time.  When you buy your next items, just look towards the TYR offerings as they’ll be offered at a great team discount.   A list of our equipment and recommended accessories can be found here.

Most of our caps have Adidas logos on them.  What do we do with those?

After the winter session, those will have to go away for meets.  Practice is fine, but the Adidas caps won’t be worn for competition after March.

I ordered a parka through Simply Swimming.  Is that going to be messed up?

No.  We’ve been working on this transition for a few weeks now, and we put a hold on the order.  Check with our new sizing kit to make sure the TYR size equivalent is right, and we’ll make a new order ready in time for Christmas.  **TYR has a really great warmup, too—you can find it on the equipment page**

How do you say it?  Is it T-Y-R or TYR?

Say it like a tear from your eye.  Tyr is a Germanic god found in Norse mythology.

Michael, how are you going to do this?  Everything you own is Adidas.  Are you insane?

Always, always, always—I’ll make decisions with the best interest of the team in mind.  We could find a way to keep struggling through with Adidas Swim, but it wouldn’t be in the best interest of the team.  You know how much Adidas stuff I own.  Besides Mountain Dew, it’s probably the main thing people associate with me.  But, yes—the 27 Adidas Storm polos will be phased out.  I won’t use my Adidas bags.  The jury is still out on my cool safari hat.  But as a representative of TYR, I’ll make sure I portray them in the proper light—it’s part of the terms of the contract.  If I can make this transition, anyone can.

What about all the shoes?

I’m not getting rid of the shoes, don’t even ask about that.