EAC Newsletter 11.26.17

Good evening Gators!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We have a lot to cover in tonight’s edition, so buckle up!

  1. Practice Schedule – We have a normal practice schedule Monday through Friday, but there will be no practice on Saturday.  Good luck to all the swimmers going to either the Bulldog Splash or the USA meet in Malvern! Go Gators!!
  2. Bulldog Splash – Fees are past due! If you have not submitted the entry fees for your swimmer, please do so immediately.
  3. Meet Schedule – We received confirmation from the college that we are able to hold a meet on Saturday, February 10th. So the finalized schedule is as follows:
  • Saturday, 1/6/18
  • Sunday, 1/7/18 (Frosty Frolic)
  • Sunday, 1/14/18
  • Saturday, 1/20/18
  • Saturday, 2/3/18 (Away at Palmyra) 
  • Saturday, 2/10/18
  1. Volunteer Applications - Volunteer Application Forms need to be submitted ASAP! This is a form that needs to be filled out yearly. Also – if you submitted one form for both a husband and wife – both need to sign the form. Part of our child protection agreement with the Elizabethtown College requires us to have this form filled out and returned prior to any adult volunteering in any capacity. Please be sure to fill out your form and submit it today! (It is attached to this email if you need one to fill out.)
  2. Liability Waivers – If you have not yet submitted your liability waiver for your swimmer(s), please note that these MUST be submitted by the end of practice on Monday, December 4th. If your liability waiver is not submitted by that point, your swimmer will not be able to practice or participate in meets until the waiver is submitted. Please understand that this is a liability issue for the team and we must have these on file for EVERY swimmer. If your swimmer is swimming at the Bulldog Splash, it is particularly important that the waiver be submitted before Saturday. 
  3. Frosty Frolic – Our team’s biggest fundraiser will be here before we know it! It is time to start signing up for volunteer positions. If you go to the Events tab at, you will see a button for “Job Signup.” Have fun choosing your spot. Remember, every EAC family is expected to help in some capacity.
  4. Frosty Frolic Sponsors - We are looking for businesses to help sponsor the event by buying ad space in our programs. Please see the attached business letter.
  5. Giving swimming gear for Christmas? Did you know EAC has its own store on Swim Outlet? Start at and you can click on the link to the full site under “Coach’s Corner.” The team gets a portion of proceeds!
  6. Coach Spotlight: Tonight, we are featuring our fourth (and final) new coach for this year, Coach Aimee Stehman.
  • This is my first year coaching, but I grew up swimming with EAC and have known Coach Ken, Isaac, and Allison my whole life!
  • So far my favorite part is being able to share the bits and pieces about swimming that I have learned over the years.
  • Favorites: 
    • Color - Purple or white
    • Holiday - July 4th
    • Food - Homemade Mac & Cheese
    • Stroke - butterfly (I'm sure Coach Ken is saying "I told you so")
  • Advice to swimmers: Enjoy this time and don't take every race too seriously! Celebrate both small successes and failures, everything provides a learning opportunity!
  1.  Green – Stroke Videos:

Thanks for reading all the way through. Have a fantastic week! 

Yours in swim-ness,