Bolts Win First Regional Meet of the Season


Bolts Win the First Regional Meet of the Season

The Lakehead University Pool was full of activity this past weekend as 9 teams from the NWO Region came together for the 2017 Northwest Narwhal Allstate Invitational. The Thunder Bay Thunderbolts won by a landslide. The Bolts had more than 80 swimmers competing to win 146 Individual medals and 13 Gold for the Relay teams in an impressive start to the 45th anniversary year of the club.

In individual events in the 7/8 male category Sawyer Puumala swam away with 3 Golds and 2 Silvers, Reid Thompson collected 2 Gold, 3 Silver and a Bronze, Leo Fay won 2 Golds and 1 Bronze medal, Ethan Van Weeghal won a silver and a bronze and Dante Martino captured 2 bronze medals. In the female category Molly Hunt swam away with a Gold, a Silver and 4 Bronze medals, Jillian Thompson won a gold and 3 bronze medals and teammate Emily agar won a gold medal.

In the 9/10 male category Matthew Foulds swam his way to an impressive 7 Gold medals, Markus Black raced to a Gold, 3 Silver and 1 Bronze, Fenn Dobson captured 2 Bronze, Rudy Balabuck earned a silver medal and Benjamin Sunila won a Bronze medal. In the female category Abby Gignac won 3 Silver medals, Mackenzie Thompson earned 2 Silver and 4 Bronze, Seija Erickson raced to 2 Bronze medal finishes and Maggie Chisholm and Samantha Bergamo added to the medal count with a Bronze medal each.

In the 11/12 category Sam Chisholm raced to 7 Gold medals and 1 Silver, Nikolas Black achieved an impressive medal haul with 3 Gold and 5 Silver, Luke Foulds swam to 2 Golds, 2 Silver and 3 Bronze medals, Connor Murphy added another gold, Luca Talarico added a silver and Tye Dobson added a Bronze medal. Mara Kunnas was the lone female individual medal winner in this age category and she swam an impressive meet collecting 7 Gold medals and 1 Silver.

In the 13/14 age male category Max Chisholm was the only individual medal collector and he swam his way to collect 2 Silver and 2 Bronze medals. In the female category Hannah Johnsen raced to 4 Gold medals, Isabel Harri added 1 Gold, 2 Silver and a Bronze medal, Jamie Puhalski raced to 3 Bronze medal finishes, Emma Adamson added to the medal count with a Silver and Maryam Anvar and Brooke Tamasi collected a Bronze medal each.

In the 15 and over category Cameron Johnsen raced to 4 Golds and a Silver, Alexander Randall raced to 1 Silver and 5 Bronze medals, Jett Dobson added 1 Gold and a Silver and teammate Will Lockyer earned 3 Bronze medals. In the female category Lindsay Puhalski earned 4 Gold medals, Zoe Hunt earned 2 Gold, 2 Silver and 1 Bronze medal, Madison Halvorsen earned a Gold and a Bronze medal, Brooke Hulina raced to a Gold and 3 Silver medals, Emma Covello captured a Silver and a Bronze and teammate Emily Murphy added a Gold and Abby Brown added a Silver medal.


Other Thunderbolts athletes that deserve recognition for earning points for the team by placing in the top 10 are Hanna Abink, Marina Anvar, Zoe Aylward, Brock Balabuck, Madeleine Bourget, Abbi Brown, Evander Dunn, Mikayla Durant, Scott Fay, Julia Gerry, Abby Houlding, Ella Hupka, Tessa Hupka, Amy Knott, Gavin Lee, Hannah Leveque, Ocean Ong, Matilda Picard, Addison Pradissitto, Matthew Randall, Julia Siver, Danica Theriault, Sofia Torres, and Miranda Turk.

The Bolts are back in the pool preparing for the upcoming short course Man Sask Meet being held in Winnipeg this December.