BCST Group Attendance 2017-18

BCST Group Attendance:  October 2017

As in any sport, ‘workout attendance’ correlates closely with the ‘progress’ our swimmers experience or can expect. By the same token……. the ‘EFFORT’ (physical, mental) and attention to detail with which the athletes perform their workouts is also crucial. As they say, “you get out of it, what you put into it.”

Attached is a list of the swimmers each BCST group coach elected to recognize for their workout attendance during the month of October.  

October Attendance Report

It should be noted that during the months of September, October and November the high school girls have a difficult time keeping their BCST attendance figure at the level recommended.  It’s almost impossible to attend both the high school workouts and the ‘Club’ workouts each day.  The same will be true for the high boys during the months of November thru February.  The coaches understand (and support) the choices swimmers need to make.