Central Area Champs

Congratulations team! We placed 2nd at the Central Area Championship this last weekend.  Nice work!  Many points were scored, time improvements made, relay teams that raced, team records broken, qualifying times made- the list is long.  We had 11 swimmers score 100 points or more, and 23 swimmers that swam in 10 events or more.  Many of you learned that more events can be added to a swimmer's event list, courtesy of your coach. But, everyone's willingness to step up for the team is what stood out.

We had parent volunteers everywhere- timing, stroke and turn, computer table, concessions, head timer- again the list is long.  Team shirts were everywhere.  The biggest splash was the number of silver caps on deck, as one of our coaches said  "so many swimmers" in reference to crowded deck space in our team area.  A wonderful challenge as we move forward.

The final scores:

NLSC 4792.5, CAC 4780.5, AST 3087.5, YMCA 1398, VTSC 915.5, WWSC 847, SSL 140

Only 12 points difference.  Keep working hard, having fun and staying strong.