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November Fish of the Month - Gabriela Cid

November Fish of the Month-Gabriela Cid

Gabriela Cid is the November 2017 Fish of the Month.  Gabriela’s practice attendance has been flawless.  While at practice, she has an excellent attitude, good work ethic and follows directions.  These factors are the reason that Gabriela swam 11 personal best times at the November Open and Christmas Champs. 

Gabriela began swimming at age two at the Washington Lee Pool.  Her favorite event is the 50 free because it is an event she has worked hard on to improve.  When not swimming, Gabriela plays the piano and cello.  In addition to these activities, she also participates in theater.

First thought response questions:

Gatorade or Powerade? - Gatorade

Favorite word? – fun

Least favorite word? – braces

 If you were stranded on a desert island what three movies would you absolutely have to bring?

1.       Mary Poppins

2.       Descendants

3.       High School Musical

What is FISH to you?

For me FISH is my TEAM, where I make new friends, laugh and have fun swimming.