Northwest Classic


Hello Everyone,


This will be a lengthy email so please bear with me and please read the whole thing.


First, we will be attending the prelims of the Northwest Classic at BGSU's Cooper Natatorium (1411 Ridge Road Bowling Green, Ohio). I have attached a Parking Map of the Campus.  You should try to park in Lot 10 on the Map and walk to the Student Rec Center.  Please get to the pool by 8:00am.  Warm-ups start at 8:15am for our team.


Second, the Entries for the Northwest Classic are attached (see PDF entitled "Entries").  PLEASE NOTE THAT THE RELAYS ARE GOING TO CHANGE (at least 3 swimmers, that I know of, are no longer attending this meet).


Third, the Top 30 Swimmers in each event qualify for finals (exceptions are 200s and 500 which only take Top 20).  If you qualify for Finals, you are expect to attend UNLESS YOU HAVE EXPRESS APPROVAL FROM COACH JUSTIN.  In order for our families to plan accordingly, I have attached a PDF entitled "NW -2016."  This document shows you what made it back to finals last year.


In addition, I spoke to the swimmers in great length at Sunday Night's practice about creating the team atmosphere that is supportive and breeds success.  In an effort to foster this atmosphere, I am going to ask that families do the following (please understand these are voluntary/optional, but they will be beneficial for the swimmer and the team):


a) Attend a Team Goals Meeting from 8:00pm to 9:00pm at the Cooper Natatorium on Friday night.  Coach Justin will be present and will discuss with each team (PHSN Women, PHSN Men, PHSC Women, and PHSC Men) about goals for each group. 

b) All swimmers stay and attend Finals (even if that swimmer did not qualify for Finals).  I understand that this might not be possible for all families, but as I pointed out to our swimmers on Sunday Night.  The teams that support one another and cheer for one another are the teams that ultimately succeed.

 I will be sending a second email following this email (sorry only three attachements per email are allowed on our system).  This email will contain just a photo.  That photo is of the Boys' State Championship Team, Saint Xaiver of Cincinnati.  Please take a look at this picture.  You will notice alot of kids in that photo that don't look like they swam in the swim meet.  That is because they didn't.  St. X has established a culture that is all in on team success over individual success.  The swimmer who wins the State Championship in the 200 Freestyle is equal to the swimmer who didn't swim in a varsity event all season.  Because of this belief, every family that has a swimmer qualify to the State Championship Meet IS REQUIRED to surrender 1 of the 4 tickets that they are allowed to purchase so that EVERY MEMBER OF THE TEAM is present at the State Championship Meet.


While we can't build this culture overnight.  It has to start somewhere and at sometime.  I hope that this meet can be our first step to a similar culture, and a similar photo in the future.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions.


Thanks & Go Pickerington Swimming!


Coach Justin