Dec 6, 2017 - Rapids Swimmers set 23 new team records

 Congratulations to all of our Rapids Swim Club swimmers who competed at 2017 Southern California Swimming Winter Age Group Championships, 12/08/2017-12/10/2017

Rapids Swimmers set 23 new team recordsin the girl 5-8 age group, girl 9-10 age group, boy 9-10 age group, boy 11-12 age group, boy 13-14 age group and boy 17-18 age group

Girl 5-8 age group

Rho, Esther; 50 Free (33.28Y)

Girl 9-10 age group

Saikhanbayar, Maralmaa; 50 Breast (37.75Y), 100 Breast (1:22.85Y)

• 200 IM Relay; Lee, Abigail/ Saikhanbayar, Maralmaa/ Rho, Christine/ Rho, Esther (2:26.91Y)

Boy 9-10 age group

• 200 FREE Relay; Presepe, Max/ Shin, Brandon/ Hyun, Matthew/ Lee, Aiden (2:09.82Y)

Boy 11-12  age group

Lee, Abraham; 100 Back (57.91Y), 200 Back (2:07.66Y), 100 Breast (1:05.68Y), 200 Breast (2:24.96Y), 100 IM (58.99Y)

• Kim, Colin; 200 IM (2:17.04Y)

200 IM Relay; Uzan, Matthew/ Kim, Colin/ Lee, Abraham/ Ryu, Jonathan (2:03.06Y)

Boy 13-14  age group

• Lee, Jong-Seok; 50 Back (27.13Y), 100 Back (57.00Y)

• Brian Park; 100 Breast (1:03.74Y)

200 Free Relay; Ryu, Kenneth/ Lee, Jong-Seok/ Park, Brian/ Oh, James (1:38.71Y)

400 Free Relay; Oh, James/ Park, Brian/ Ryu, Kenneth/ Lee, Jong-Seok (3:35.31Y)

200 IM Relay; Lee, Jong-Seok/ Park, Brian/ Oh, James/ Ryu, Kenneth (1:48.62Y)

400 IM Relay; Lee, Jong-Seok/ Park, Brian/ Shin, Jerald/ Oh, James (3:58.47Y)

Boy 17-18 age group

• Zecchini, Nicky; 100 Breast (1:01.23Y), 200 Breast (2:13.95Y), 200 IM (2:04.31Y), 400 IM (4:30.74Y)

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Go Rapids!