SRVA Continues Our Journey of Excellence

Coach Paschalis:

What a great meet for our swimmers and all teams that participated was this past weekend on our Home meet at Cal High.  A big Thank You to our BOD and all volunteers.

From both groups we had a few good races and a couple of swimmers that performed excellent through out the whole weekend.

From Age Group 2, was Victoria Deng and Daniel Jung. 

From Age Group 3, was Adrian Shakra and Caroline Guidi.

Definitely effort was up to the sky from all swimmers but from these 4 swimmers we had consistent and great performance race after race. Great speed and strong finish in all of their races. I do believe we have reached the point that all these young swimmers have created the feeling of performance and effort from this young age and this is great addition for their future goals as well.

Wish you to have a great week.


Coach Audra:

Even though it was cold it turned out to be a beautiful weekend. Watching the swimmers compete and race was a great way to come back after maternity leave. All Novice Groups and Junior Development dropped multiple seconds off their races. They all did an amazing job. I was very pleased to see streamlines, good sportsmanship, and speed. My favorite was watching everyone's freestyle from the 25's into the 200's. Even though it was cold the swimmers had bright smiles all day!!


Coach Andy:

WOW the SR Development group had another big weekend of improvement, 69% Life Time Best (LTB), by continuing to improve this much they will have more and more JO times and these will progress to Far Western times, very exciting.

Romir Chandra went 7 of 8 swims LTB with a 14 year old JO time in the 1000 free for his first JO time and Lisa Zhao went 5 of 5 LTB with a 14 year old JO time in the 200 Breast.

Other outstanding performances;

Sathvik Katragadda was 6 of 8 LTB

Yash Kaul 7 of 8 LTB

Nikita Kharse 5 of 6 LTB

Anna Langenbach 6 of 8 LTB

Max Marley 7 of 7 LTB

Shreyas Raj 7 of 8 LTB

Shama Saleem 5 of 7 LTB

Keya Vardya 4 of 6 LTB



The Varsity group did great lots of first time racing and a lot of others doing events for the first time.  They handled themselves very well and are getting better with the nervousness and having FUN.

Outstanding Performances:

Joshua Deweese 6 of 6 LTB

Midori Lewis 5 of 5 ltb

Advait Madhekar 5 of 5 LTB



The Senior Group did very well this weekend they came prepared to race and to improve and they did a great job of doing this with 69 % Life Time Best (LTB) and a number of new Far Western times.

Dylan Dalal 5 of 5 LTB and new 15-16 Far Western in the 100 and 200 Breast.  Frankie Fitzpatrick 5 of 7 LTB and new 15-16 Far Western in the 100 breast and 400 IM.  Christopher Guidi 6 of 8 LTB and new Far Western in the 200 Free.  Annemarie Hancock new 13-14 Far Western in the 100 Fly and 200 Back. Dillon Smith 4 of 6 LTB and new 13-14 Far Western in the100 and 200 Back.

Other Outstanding Performances:

Monica Beltran 6 of 6 LTB

Giselle Helding 5 of 6 LTB

Justin Nguyen 5 of 8 LTB

Annaka Widjanarko 5 of 7 LTB

Kyle Wong 5 of 6 LTB

Logan Wong 6 of 7 LTB


Coach Larry:

Age Group 1 swam really well this past weekend at our home meet.  They swam with a lot of energy and did all the skills that we have been working on.  They continue to work hard and improve quickly which is really fun to watch.

Zach Hale and Adrian Galamy swam really well and they both achieved the B time in the 50 Backstroke.  Lily Tang and Haley Wong had a great racers spirit and went for it on all their races.

The Pre-Seniors continue to improve and swim really well.  This group continues to be very driven to achieve best times and swim fast.  We continually talk about challenging ourselves and getting outside our comfort zones.  I saw a lot of uncomfortable swims this weekend and that is fantastic to watch.  This is another step towards our big goals that we set this year.

Piper Stickler has been the hardest worker in the group for the last couple of months and it showed in her results.  She broke one minute in her 100 Freestyle for the first time and was all lifetime best times in her races.

Darrell Liu was also all lifetime best times.  He did a great job of swimming at his highest level for the whole weekend.