Winter Juniors 2017

I would like to congratulate the Beach Cities High Performance Crew who placed 21st at Winter Junior Nationals 2017!  Over one thousand athletes from the western United States converged upon freezy Iowa City to test themselves.  

Some highlights: we took our largest group ever (6 swimmers).
We qualified our first relay team at this level, and the boys swam 4 relays.
We earned many second swims --some performances that got us on the scoreboard!  
It was an incredibly fast meet. Times our athletes achieved would have placed them on the podium in past seasons.  As with all meets, we learned a lot, and we will go back to the drawing board to be even better next time.
I was really proud of how the kids conducted themselves under this type of pressure. Coming off of some best times and new qualifying swims at Kevin Perry only one month earlier, they rose to the occasion, once again.
Kai Bathurst - Kai was making his second debut at Juniors, hit some best times and got some second swims to score.  He also added to the boys relays that swam incredibly well. Kai split a 22.39 in the 50 Fly on the relay, 4:32.8 in the 500 Free. 21.6 50 Free, 49.89 100 fly. 1:38.1 200 Free for 11th place, 21.3 on the 200 Free Relay.  1:49.00 200 Fly and 46.2 lead off on the 4 x 100 Free relay.
Alex Crisera - Alex is a three-time veteran of the group and managed to grab second swims and get on the scoreboard, as well. Her 50 and 100 freestyles now rank her in the "Top 25 All-Time List" for 15/16 year-olds.  Alex dropped .77 going 2:00.9  200IM placing 16th. She dropped .57 in the 50 placing 4th and went 22.43.  Her 200 free was good in the morning, and not so competitive racing at night. She went 1:47.97 for 16th place.  She placed 16th in the 100 Back with a 53.66 --just off her best, and the 100 Free was 49.19 for 4th place --also just off her best.
Nico Colomer - First timer at Junior Nationals and Nico did a fantastic job.  Hit best times in all his relays and Time Trials. He definitely made the most out of his trip to the midwest. Nico hit a 21.8 on the 4 x 50 Medley Relay, 47.8 on the 4 x 100 Medley Relay.  47.2 on the 4 x 100 Free Relay.  Had a nice drop of 1.4 seconds in a 200 free TT, going 1:43.3.
Keiko Derikoletis - Keiko got to be a veteran for the first time, and she swam really well.  She had best times at KP, which made it tough to drop again, so soon after. She qualified a month earlier in the 200 Fly and 200IM.  Keiko went 2:08.2 --just a second off her best.  She went 54.77 --just .27 off her best and 2:03.4 in the 200 Fly-- just .7 off her best.  Really sound swims and a great set up for spring.  As always, she is a great cheerleader for all and a great spirit to have around.
Ike Shirakata - Ike is a three-time veteran, who came away with some second swims and best times. Ike dropped .75 in his 200IM, going 1:50.1.  He dropped .25 in his 400IM ,going 3:59.7. Dropped .87 in his 100 Breast going 56.20 and earning 22nd place. And Ike dropped .25 in 200 Breast, going 2:01.7 earning 17th place.  Ike was also on all the relays. He, too, swam incredibly fast in these races. Split 26.08 on his 50 Breast, 55.6 on his 100 Breast, 46.5 100 Free, and 21.1 50 Free.
Andrew White - First timer at Junior Nationals.  Andrew has some great swims and logged big event experience.  Andrew swam 100 fly in 51.26 -- just off his best by .8.  100 Back dropped .14 for a best time of 52.3. He had a faster split on the medley relay of 51.8!  Swam the 200 back and added 1.2 with a  1:51.2.  He also cracked the 22 second barrier by going 21.9 in a 50 free TT.  He went 46.5 in the Free Relay, as well.  Great job for Andrew, looking forward to Summer.
As a team, we were 2.5 points away from making the top 20 (21st place out of 261 teams and multiple unattached swimmers entered), and I am very pleased with the results!  Mission Viejo, BREA, and NOVA were the Southern California teams that outscored us, and NOVA took the whole thing. Summer Nationals and Junior Nationals are in Irvine next time, Summer 2018, so if you don't have conflicts in your schedule, you should try and catch a session or two.  The National Team will be in full force, as it is a selection meet for Pan Pacific Games and Junior Pan Pacs. Trek down to Irvine to see your swimming heroes. This is a great opportunity to see world-class swimming in our own backyard!
Super proud of these kids and all the kids who swam their tails off at WAG.  We were strong up and down the line. I love it!
I would also like to thank our team chaperone on this trip "Kimberly Crisera" or as the boys call her Big "K" for lugging everyone around (prelims, time trials, finals) and making sure they were fed and watered (midwest lingo). I thank you, the kids thank you.