PERKS of PERPETUAL Membership!

2018 Perpetual Membership is NOW Open at

Classes Start January 2nd!!

PERKS of PERPETUAL Membership:

  • Sign-up online just once and keep your class slot for as long as you’d like – no more re-registering every 2 months!
  • Just a 3-month minimum membership – No maximum!
  • Join/re-join anytime throughout the year!
  • No large upfront fees – conveniently be charged monthly!
  • Stay with your favorite instructor for as long as you want!
  • Enjoy uninterrupted & accelerated progression!
  • Change class levels immediately upon mastering the curriculum rather than waiting until the end of a session!
  • Easily change between all levels of group instruction without any additional charge!
  • Conveniently switch class slots when necessary - AND stay with the same instructor - OR try someone new!
  • Make Up Classes if you miss a scheduled class, and “Drop In” for an extra class whenever interested!
  • Instructor & yearly Class Schedules available in advance!
  • Enjoy Special Discounts on Birthday Parties, Camps, Clinics and other current & new programming + merchandise!
  • Receive a FREE T-Shirt upon registering for your membership - and Family Swim when available!
  • Most Importantly, have FUN while becoming more Comfortable, Confident and Competent in the water!
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