WAG: Meet Recap!!

E. Los Angeles Site – Joy’s Group

Nina Blanco (13 Senior 3)

22nd in 100 fr (58.26) Best time

Despite adverse stomach condition, Nina displayed great sportsmanship and effort to save her 800FR relay team by being there. Nina felt the support of the team and is grateful to have such team mates.

Chloe Chen (13 Senior 1)

2.7 sec drop in 100 Br (1:14.48) bumped Chloe up to14th place

Meiyah Go (13 Beach 5)

22nd in 200FR (2:08.79)

27th in50 FR (26.84)

27th in 100FL (1:05.95)

Dylan Hong (15 High Performance)

3rd in 200BK (2:03.43)

3rd in 200FL (1:58.69) with 3.2 sec drop

4th in 100FL (53.11) Best time

8th in 100 FR (49.52) Best time




Jasmine Huang (13 Senior 1)

Best time in 100 BR (1:16.77) and took 24th in the event




Gabi Icheva (15 High Performance)

1st in 400 IM(4:29.17)

1st in 100 Br (1:07.79)

1st in 200 Br (2:22.83) with 2.5 sec drop,

2nd in 500 Fr (5:03.97) with 1.1 sec drop,

2nd in 200IM (2:07.34) Best time

2nd in 100FL (57.85)




Andre Law (16 Senior 4)

3rd in 100Fr (48.70)

5th in 50 FR (22.07), Best time in the prelims 21.97, first time under 22sec

9th in 100BK (57.66), best time in the prelims 56.40 with 2.3 sec drop

10th in 100FL (54.81)

18th in200IM (2:06.05) 1.7 sec drop

25th in 100BR (1:06.89) Best time




Miles Leon (17 High Performance)

1st in 100 BR (1:00.27) Best time

1st in 100 FR (47.39)

1st in 200 IM (1:55.49) Best time by 1.4sec

2nd in 100 BK (54.42)

2nd in 50 FR (21.69) First time under 22sec

3rd in 100 FL (52.55)




Justin Li (14 Senior 1)

32nd in 100 Br (1:11.12) Best time by 2.6sec




Brandon Lim-Effendy (17 Senior 3)

13th in 100 FR (50.97) Best time by 1.1esc

22nd in 200 FL (2:08.28) Best time

30th in 50 Fr (23.76) Best time




Ashley Lin (14 Senior 2)

17th in 200 BK (2:21.32) Best time by 1.2sec

17th in 100 BK (1:04.38) Best time

19th in 50 FR (26. 41) Best time

23rd in 100 BR (1:16.74) Best time

*Best time in 100 BK (1:04.10) as a relay lead-off

*Best time in 100 FR (58.06) as a relay lead-off




Tommy Park (14 Senior 4)

1st in 200 BK (1:53.80) Best time by 2.3sec. New Sectionals cut. *18th in the nation for his age group

1st in 100 BK (52.62) Best time *20th in the nation for his age group

1st in 200 IM (1:57.03) Best time *20th in the nation for his age group

1st in 200 BR (2:12.01)

1st in 100 FL (52.57) Best time

2nd in 100 BR (1:01.55) Best time

*Best time in 50 Fr (22.72) as a relay lead-off. First time under 23sec and made Sectionals bonus cut




Kelly Poon (15 Senior 4)

4TH in 200 BR (2:31.22)

5th in 200 FL (2:15.78) Best time

5th in 200 IM (2:13.09)

8th in 50 FR (25.78) Best time in the prelims (25.39)

10th in 100 FL (1:02.12)

13th in 100 BK (1:03.20) Best time

*Best time in 200 Fr (2:00.83) as a relay lead-off




Andrew Tran (17 Senior 4)

Although it wasn’t from a flat start, Andrew’s 22.37 as a 3rd leg in 200 FR relay (first time under 23sec) was impressive.




Chalmers Tse (14 Senior 4)

1st in 100 BR (1:00.45)

3rd in 200 IM (2:03.42) Best time by 1.8sec

4th in 400 IM (4:23.76) Best time by 5.4sec

9th in 100 Fr (52.06)

19th in 100 BK (1:01.83) Best time by 1sec





1st in Girls 15&Over 800 Fr Relay (8:08.74) Best time by 4.9

• Kelly Poon (15) 2:00.83

• Kate Kramer (15) 2:06.93

• Abbie Maemoto (15) 2:05.97

• Gabi Icheva (15) 1:55.01 A




1st in Boys 15&Over 2oo Fr Relay (1:28.70) Best time by 1.6

• Miles Leon (17) 22.43

• Dylan Hong (15) 22.45

• Andrew Tran (17) 22.37

• Andrew Law (16) 21.45




3rd in Boys 15&Over 800 Fr Relay (7:25.76) Best time by 7.9sec

• Dylan Hong (15) 1:51.48

• Brandon Lim-Effendy (17) 1:53.43

• Andre Law (16) 1:51.88

• Miles Leon (17) 1:48.97




3rd in Boys 15&Over 400 Med Relay (3:41.39)

• Dylan Hong (15) 56.02

• Miles Leon (17) 1:02.60

• Andrew Tran (17) 54.91

• Andre Law (16) 47.86




E. Los Angeles Site – Sharif’s Group



 WAG is always an exciting meet because we get to see how hard the swimmers have been working since summer JO's and boy did they deliver!



 Azael Aguilar scored 90 points and also dropped in almost every event. He placed 3rd in 100 Back, 4th in 200 IM,  50 FL, 200 FR, 100 FL, and 5th in 50 FL with his first time under 33, (32.98). HUGE swims from such a mature, young athlete.



 Jezebel Aguilar had an awesome meet dropping in every event and getting 4th in the 200 FR (2:06.26) and 7th in the 500 FR (5:37.52). Such fast times and rapid improvements in these events make it exciting to watch her at every meet.



 Owen Chan swam his first WAG championships as a member of BCS. He did not have the best performances but he is focused to train to take another shot at the next meet.



 Ethan Chua also swam his first WAG meet as a BCS member and dropped in every event he swam in. His most impressive swim was in the 500 FR where he dropped 9 seconds to go 5:31.50. It is so exciting to watch this athlete when he is at his most focused!



 Meka Go dropped in every single event and placed 6th in the 100 FL with a 1:15.72. She had the fastest turns in her heats, you will miss it if you blink.



 Chelsea Hong overcome her jitters in the 100 FR going 1:01.84. She will be ready to show her true abilities at the next meet.



 Aden Lee showed his awesome reaction with his dive but came short of his best time in the 50 BR (38.90).



 Kiana Li looked professional and raced hard in every event, dropping in all except one. It is always exciting to watch Kiana swim!



 Nadia Lui dropped BIG in her 100 FL with a fast time of 1:08.83. She is definitely ready to race the 200 soon!



 Kathy Munoz was 100% and dropped in every event. She was 7th in the 200 FR (2:06.81) and 9th in the 100 FR (58.01). Although she dropped bigger in her sprint events, she will be ready to drop more in the 500 next time!



 Jasmine Phuong had a couple goofs in her swims and came short of her best times. However, her confidence is always stellar so it's for certain she is gaining her experience in the 11/12 age-group and will be ready to charge for 1st soon enough.



 Nick Poon was literally flying in his 50 FL, breaking 32 for the first time going (31.90). Professional dive and underwater to suit per our usual Nick Poon.



 Irvin Qi almost cracked 27 in his 50 FR going 28.04. His dive has polished tremendously since his start. Great showing of efforts during practice.



 Alex Song scored 62 points to himself, and grabbed 3rd place in the 50 BR while dropping 2 seconds for 39.72. Awesome race with awesome turning to beat out his competitors. Great job Alex!



 Nate Teeraniti had a 103 point showing this year at WAG taking 1st in 3 events. 100 BR (1:07.69) 50 BK (26.98) 100 IM (1:00.51). His backstroke currently ranks him 1st in SoCal and 10th in the nation. It will be exciting to see him go for the grand crown. What a spectacular showing of athleticism from Nate all weekend. 




BEACH 2 and BEACH 4 – Coach Stefanie

I am so proud of how both groups performed at WAG.  There were many outstanding swims and races to watch throughout the weekend.  Between the two groups, they scored 161 points, dropped over 60 seconds across their 25 best times (69% best times).  Since I joined Beach Cities a little over a month ago, the swimmers have been working on new skills and habits they may not have done before.  They are starting to see the results in their swims, but there is still room for improvement!  There were eight new Spring JO cuts and a few that are less than a second away!!  Congratulations swimmers on a great meet!!

BEACH 2 (130 points):

Farah Bowles (18 points)-Farah had some breakout swims at WAG.  She dropped in all three of her events, including the 200 Free for which she qualified for at the Last Ditch.  It is really tough to be able to make a cut the week before and then drop even more time.  Her best race was her 100 Breaststroke, where she had some amazing pullouts and dropped almost 9 seconds, which would have qualified her for Spring JOs but she ages up the week before.

Chloe Haddad- Chloe is still trying to find her form on her Breaststroke.  She did really well in her 100 Breaststroke, finishing only .06 off her best time which she achieved at the Last Ditch meet the weekend prior.  She went back to her old, inefficient form in her 50 Breaststroke but was still less than a second off her best time.

Grant He (38 points)- Grant had a great meet, going 4 for 5 on best times.  He made his first two Spring JO cuts in the breaststroke events.  He raced really well and helped the 7-10 boys place 2nd in both relays!

Peyton Kuo (65 points)- Peyton went 4 for 6 on best times at the meet.  He added another Spring JO event, almost breaking the 30-second barrier in the 50 Freestyle.  He also helped the 7-10 boys in the relay events.

Ralph (Ian) Tumamak- Ian had a tough first day, adding time in both of his events but was very close to his best times.  He came back strong the next day, starting with a four second drop in his 200 IM and another best time in his 100 Backstroke.

BEACH 4 (31 points):

Kyle Capili- Kyle started off the meet with the hardest event for 11-12 swimmers: the 500 free.  He swam a really nice race and paced it well, dropping over eight seconds from his previous best time!  He also swam a best time in his 50 Backstroke, and would have dropped even more time if he hadn’t glided into the finish.

Kylie Hamilton (20.5 points)- Kylie had some amazing breaststroke swims.  She looked super strong and dropped over six seconds between her two breaststroke events.  She qualified for Spring JOs in both races!  Her swims also got her placed onto both medley relays on the weekend!

Jack Humphrey- Jack had been struggling with an illness during the weeks leading up to WAG but performed really well considering he was still getting over it.  He was right on his best time in the 50 Backstroke, however was repeatedly looking for his competitors which likely cost him a best time.  He made the change the next day and maintained his head position during his 100 Backstroke, which he should be very proud of accomplishing.

Hudson Powers (10.5 points)- Hudson had a breakthrough meet!  He was 5 for 5 on best times, including two Spring JO cuts.  Because of the way he was swimming, he worked himself onto two additional relays and was bumped up to the ‘A’ 200 Freestyle relay after his amazing 1.5 second drop in his 50 free!

Shea Steggell­- Shea had two really strong looking swims with her 50s of Freestyle and Butterfly.  She dropped about half a second on each of them.  Her freestyle race helped her earn a spot on a 200 Freestyle relay.  She held her own and even gave another Beach Cities swimmer a challenge right next to her during the relay race.

BEACH 3 – Coach Taylor



 Beach 3 had a lot of Last Ditch qualifications, some for their first WAG, for their only event, and some in addition to other cuts. After a hard few weeks of back-to-back meets and little time for recuperation in between qualifying and performing, these little powder kegs showed just what it means to be an age-group swimmer: tooth-and-nail, everything left on the field, close races. They turned out for their friends and teammates, exhibited not only the technical skills but practical habits they've been honing and repeating all season in order to feel their best so they can race their best. I had a blast getting excited for them, watching them make themselves proud, and hearing how in tune they are with their sport. This was no easy meet, and every one of them made it appear to be. I'm so proud of you, Beach 3!!



 Audrey Bonelli (10): This was Audrey's last meet as a Beach 1 Black swimmer, and she left the group on a great high. The only swimmer from either Beach 1 group to make WAG cuts, she faced down a big pressure with her usual gusto and humor, and set a high standard for the group to meet as she moves up.

50 yard Free: Finished with 32.80, +0.21, 28th place

200 yard Free: Finished with 2:32.46, -1.21, 22nd place

50 yard Fly: Finished with 37.25, +1.57, 26th place

100 yard Free: Finished with 1:11.81, +0.97, 30th place




Alex Chun (12): Alex really showed his penchant for racing and his competitive spirit--both with his competitors and himself. He set lofty goals and shaved time on almost all his individual events, and came close to some big breaks! Saturday was a fast day, and a great learning opportunity for him in regards to self-care during performance.

50 yard Free: Finished with 27.88, -0.41, 24th place 

100 yard Fly: Finished with 1:09.77, -0.54, 21st place 

200 yard Free: Finished with 2:13.31, +0.05, 34th place

50 yard Back: Finished with 33.51, +0.15, 30th place

50 yard Fly: Finished with 30.32, -0.28, 20th place

100 yard Free: Finished with 1:00.52, -1.06, 31st place




Eva DelaCruz (10): Eva came out with positivity and excitement for this meet, and it was on display in her races. Despite a fast event turn around for several of her events, she took each moment as it came and focused on what she was doing. Among her monstrous time drops (inching closer to JO and Spring JO!), she had a few individual event time adds, but fought those races to the wall nonetheless.

100 yard Breast: Finished with 1:26.13, -3.67, 7 points scored, 10th place

50 yard Back: Finished with 37.52, +0.38, 1 point scored, 16th place

100 yard IM: Finished with 1:20.52, -0.47, 20th place

200 yard IM: Finished with 2:51.80, -3.91, 3 points scored, 14th place

50 yard Breast: Finished with 39.78, -0.88, 9 points scored, 9th place




Kaela Hashimoto (9): Kaela came for one individual event that she qualified for at Last Ditch, but showed up for her team, her friends, and her brother every single day of the meet. With nothing but high-energy and an enthusiasm for giving her best shot at everything she swims, Kaela blew her first WAG (and her relay competition) out of the water.

100 yard Fly: Finished with 1:22.24, -3.36, 18th place




Delaney Herr (10): Delaney spent a bit of this meet struggling with her turns and finishes, but recovered just in time to fight for a beautiful 3rd place swim in her 50 breaststroke. She's learned a lot about recovering from disappointing swims, and fought hard a great mid-season cap. Nothing but smiles and good attitudes in between races!

50 yard Free: Finished with 27.93, -0.44, 16 points scored, 3rd place

50 yard Back: Finished with 34.08, +1.64, 14 points scored, 5th place

100 yard IM: Finished with 1:12.56, -0.32, 17 points scored, 2nd place

50 yard Fly: Finished with 31.62, -0.43, 15 points scored, 4th place

50 yard Breast: Finished with 38.40, -1.05, 16 points scored, 3rd place

100 yard Free: Finished with 1:03.45, -0.99, 15 points scored, 4th place




Kayla Kinsey (11): Unfortunately, Kayla's only event didn't demonstrate the work she had put in to get there; however, I've never known much to keep Kayla down. She's a hard trainer, a tough competitor, and makes juggling two sports look easy.

50 yard Fly: Finished with 32.19, +0.68, 48th place




Mikaela Maemura (11): Mikki had a tough meet to stare down, with one event Friday and four Saturday. Even when not at a fast-paced meet, four events in a day is tiring, especially when you don't have much experience with pre- and post-race care for events so close together. She dropped some time, but most importantly she fought during each race!

50 yard Free: Finished with 28.52, +0.32, 36th place

50 yard Back: Finished with 32.46, -0.55, 25th place

100 yard IM: Finished with 1:10.79, +0.52, 29th place

50 yard Fly: Finished with 30.77, -0.41, 29th place




Isabel Merica-Jones (10): Isabel also felt the challenges of the quick timed finals session, but kept a continuous level head and great attitude. She showed up as a mid-distance racer, but ended up finding out how to outpace herself in some sprints as well. Sometimes it takes a high-pressure meet to learn that cutting time isn't the only path to a successful race!

50 yard Free: Finished with 30.55, -0.92, 3 points scored, 14h place

200 yard Free: Finished with 2:26.36, +2.35, 4 points scored, 13th place

50 yard Back: Finished with 36.17, +0.54, 11 points scored, 8th place

100 yard IM: Finished with 1:19.80, +1.74, 1 point scored, 16th place

100 yard Back: Finished with 1:15.99, +0.37, 12 points scored, 7th place

100 yard Free: Finished with 1:08.27, +1.40, 20th place




Abbie Neitz (9): Abbie came to put her all into her 50 backstroke, and had a great race, especially for just qualifying the weekend before at Last Ditch. A great note to end on (temporarily) as she takes some time off to travel with her family.

50 yard Back: Finished with 38.20, -0.55, 21st place




Luke Njeru (11): Luke also made his first WAG meet in an individual butterfly event, after making some huge changes in practice over the course of the season! Looks like they worked, because he had a beautiful swim after qualifying the previous weekend at Last Ditch.

50 yard Fly: Finished with 32.02, +0.11, 36th place




BEACH 5 – Coach Adriana

BEACH 5 absolutely crushed it at WAG! When we sat down and talked about goals early in the season, a couple handfuls of them talked about race anxiety and wanting to improve on that piece of their swimming. I am confident that we are getting better at that - having more confidence in ourselves when we are behind the blocks and being excited to race when given an opportunity. This group has a lot of fun together (sometimes too much at practice!!) and it's definitely beginning to show in their races. FUN SWIMMING=FAST SWIMMING! Way to go Beach 5! 



 Emery Arnold  - switching teams, leaving friends AND swimming fast all at the same time is tough and Emery is learning how to manage it very well right now. It's been fun to watch her grow and begin to get comfortable and make some new friends on BCS. Emery had small drops in 4/5 of her swims at WAG, and I have no doubt when she is 100% comfortable, we will see her flourish even more! 



 Molly Beetner - consistently dropped time at almost every meet this season, so her time drops at WAG weren't drastic, but the work ethic and focus she brings to practice since joining BCS is certainly paying off! Mol was 6/6 on best times at WAG and all six of those times were Spring JO cuts! 



 Andrew Bonelli - I can trust that every time Andrew is behind the blocks, he's going to give it his all, no matter the race. Andrew didn't have too much sprint speed in him this past weekend, but his toughness showed in the 100s, 200 and 500 as he attacked each of those races from the beginning!



 Trent Bowles - I can't wait until Trent begins to believe in himself as much as the rest of us do! He was 6/6 on best times at WAG and achieved Spring JO cuts in the 50 and 100 Backstrokes. What was most impressive was him earning a spot on the "A" 400 Medley Relay and dropping even more time leading us off!



 Vincent Calta - we didn't have the opportunity to see Vincent race much this year, but he sure showed off his sprint speed at WAG. He was 4/6 on best times, but what was most noticeable was his positive attitude throughout the weekend which directly correlates with his racing abilities!  



 Maya Chou - backstroke stud! Maya qualified for WAG in the 50 and 100 Backstrokes and left WAG already qualified to swim them at Spring JOs; not a bad way to go out! It was so exciting to tell these swimmers when they earned a spot on a relay based on their performances at the meet. 



 Maxwell Colomer - there is the Max I knew we had! Max had a tough season getting in the groove, but now that he's in it, there is no looking back. Max had a phenomenal Last Ditch meet that allowed him to have a full slate of events at WAG, where he went 4/6 on best times, dropping almost 4 seconds in his 100 Back!   



 Maria Crisera - super proud of Mia all season; she has really broke through and learned to push herself day in and day out in practice - making her a stronger swimmer AND her teammates along the way. At WAG, Mia was 5/6 on best times, achieving Spring JOs in 50 Back, 100 Back, 200 Free, and 500 Free! 

Elsie delaCruz - when Els is aggressive, she is unstoppable. She had some tiny time drops in most events but almost 1.5 seconds in the 100 Breast, her baby - that's a fun event to watch her race. Els was 6/6 on Spring JO cuts at WAG and I'm looking forward to putting in more work to see even how much more time she can drop in March!





 Lauren Donnelley - I think it's safe to say LoDo is feeling healthy and ready to race again...what a weekend for her! LoDo was a great leader all weekend - not only in the pool, but keeping the mood light with her teammates as well. I saw LoDo smile more this weekend, than I ever have. 6/6 on best times and 6/6 on Spring JO cuts! 



 Ryan Haddad - just aging up meant only a 100 Breast and 200 Breast for Haddad...and against the big dogs. He shocked himself a bit in the 100 Breast on Friday and then brought that same energy and excitement in the 200 Breast on Sunday. Haddad was 2/2 on best times and earned a couple relay spots along the way!



 Samantha Hall - Sammie dropped over two seconds in the 100 Breast, but then coach had to break it to her that she wasn't on the relay the next day. Sammie turned those tears back into her huge smile and swam her heart out in the 50 Fly, a few tenths off her Spring JO cut and earning a spot back on the BCS relays! 



 Catalina Kahan - Catalina joined us for the 50 Fly and was just off her best time in that race. As Catalina gets a bit more experience at these "bigger" meets, she's going to rock. And I can't wait because we love having her around as she is just a pleasant person to be around at all times.  



 Madie Malone - I hope you didn't blink, because you would have missed Madie - she was flying all weekend. Madie had a rough "in season," but she trusted in the process and continued to bring her "A" game on a daily. It paid off big time at WAG when she went 5/6 best times and achieved Spring JO cuts in the 50 and 100 Freestyles!  



 Austin Morse - Great weekend for Austin - he was super calm and confident before every race, with an exact plan in which he executed every time. Austin was 5/6 on best times, with his biggest drops being over three seconds in the 100 IM and about 2.5 seconds in the 100 Breast. He also achieved Spring JOs in the 50 Breast, 100 Breast, and 100 IM along the way!



 Jack O'Shaughnessy - Again, another swimmer that turned a disappointment into a positive. I never like taking swimmers off relays, but need to be fair to their teammates swimming well, as well. In doing that, Jack earned a relay spot back on Sunday! In addition, he was 5/6 on best times and knocking on the door of Spring JOs!



 Ryan Rogers - We are SO CLOSE to seeing this kid race to his potential. As he continues to get tougher, we will continue to see him get faster and it's been fun to see Ryan's growth this past season. He was outstanding at nearly every meet this season and even better at WAG, going 5/6 on best times. Unfortunately Ryan will have just turned 13 for Spring JOs, so he's now reaching for those cuts. 



 Reagan Santa Ana - What an outstanding meet. Reagan was 7/6 on best times because she got an extra event leading off the 200 Free Relay. She was most impressive in her IM events, really showing that she is an all-around swimmer. In addition, Reagan walked away from WAG with seven Spring JO cuts! 



 Nicole Ungaro - What a treat to have Nicole at these meets with us! Nicole was 4/4 on best times and makes everyone around her feel comfortable and in a good mood. Nicole (yes!!) achieved her Spring JO cut in the 50 Back and is knocking on the door of a few others events - who woulda' thunk?!? ME! 




SENIOR 1 – Coach Romi





 Patrick Melia (14) represented Senior 1 (and is not in Senior 2) in the 100 backstroke. Patrick NOT ONLY got a personal best of 1.04.20 dropping .49 sec, but he also inspired his Senior 1 teammates by getting to WAG. Great job Patrick!




SENIOR 2 – Coach Christina 

Congratulations to all those who swam at WAG! Senior 2 sent Kira Rusalov, Katie Wrigley, Ryan O’Shaughnessy, and Sanoja Sridevan.

Kira attended her first Championship meet and showed up like a veteran. She continues to improve and had a great swim, dropping .31 sec in the 100 breast, for a time of 1:17.13. She proved that it's OK to be nervous, as long as you channel the energy in the right places. 

Ryan showed up at the blocks and swam the 100 and 200 Breaststrokes, adding times in both events. Once Ryan gets on board with the daily process, checks in and out with the coaches, we have no doubt he's going to see some progress again.

Sanoja added some time to her 100 breast, and it looks like her turns might have been the reason. As Sanoja does, she is already focused and working on those in practice so that next time she has the opportunity, she'll be better. 

Katie participated in 3 individual events, having been sick for the week leading up to WAG, she added some time to these events. Never the less, Katie put out a great effort and even came out to Riverside to participate in a relay  on Friday night.  




SENIOR 3 – Coach Ali



 Senior 3 sent 16 swimmers to WAG with high expectations, and they didn't disappoint.  All of the S3 swimmers raced with heart and I'm happy to see many of the things we've been working on since September paid off.  Everyone came with a great attitude but most importantly they had fun and supported each other.  I'm so proud of all of you and can't wait to see what happens this weekend for those also attending the Senior Development meet.  



 Skylar Beckett:  Skylar had a solid meet swimming right on her best times despite missing Thanksgiving week.  Finaled in the 100 free finishing 7th and 8th in the 50 free.  Skylar dropped in her 200 fly and 500 free and while she is excellent at racing is still working on the details and will be a beast when she puts it all together.  Skylar was also a huge help on all the relays.





 Matthew Cullen:  Matthew has come a long way since September as new comer to the "senior" level.  Matthew managed to snag all of his 6 WAG cuts in the last few weeks in distance events.  Had a nice drop in his 200 back going 2:16 along with a small drop in his 100 back getting under the 1:04 mark.  Most impressive were his 500/1000/1650.  He started with a bang on Friday dropping 27 seconds in his 1000 grabbing a Spring JO time going 10:56.  On Saturday he dropped 6.6 in his 500 creeping closer to that Spring JO time.  Sunday he dropped almost 37 seconds in his mile to grab his second Spring JO time.  Not bad for the second time ever swimming it.



 Kai Francis:  Kai lucked out with a 15th birthday on Sunday so got to swim with the 13/14 year olds and took full advantage of it.  Kai dropped 4 seconds in his 200 back for a 2:10, .5 drop in his 100 free going 55.0, dropped a bit in his 100 fly just missing breaking that min mark but did manage to crack the into the 59s on his 100 back.  Kai made it back to finals in a few events and gained some great experience his first time swimming prelims/finals.



 Kennedy French:  Kennedy put up a solid meet with a tough lineup and quick turnarounds.  She's been working hard on her breaststroke and it showed big time dropping 4 secs for a 1:13 and grabbing a new Spring JO time.  Kennedy was right on her best times in her 50/100 frees, making it back in the 50 finishing 7th.  She made it back in the 100 fly dropping from prelims going a 1:01 for a 7th place finish about 10 min after her 50 final.  She also made finals in the 200 fly dropping again from the morning going a 2:17 and finishing 5th.



 Mekaela Kaji: Another newcomer to the 13/14 age group Mekaela dropped in her 200 back going a 2:19 as well as a 1 sec drop in her 100 back going 1:03 and grabbing a Spring JO time.  She also had a solid 1.5 sec drop in her 100 fly going 1:04.  She also had some nice relays swims to help score some points.



 Elliot Kim: Elliot continues to surprise me (and himself) with some great swims when he just decides to go out and race.  He went lights out in his 100 breast with a 1:07 grabbing Spring JOs in a new event for him.  Elliot also put together a nice 200 fly dropping a bit for a 2:25 as well a drop in his 50 free.  He was a consistent relay swimmer for us throwing down some 53's in his 100 free.



 Hannah Kim:  Hannah has been splitting time between marching band and swimming however was able to put together a solid meet and after months of feeling out of shape looked great racing!  Hannah had some drops in her 400 IM with a 5:03, a 1:15 100 breast, 2:19 200 IM, 2:40 200 breast and a nice 1:02.8 in her 100 fly.  I'm excited to see what she can put together throughout the rest of the year as she can dedicate more time to training.



 Kate Kramer:  A newcomer to swimming in general was able to grab two new WAG times in the past few weeks for her first ever invite championship meet.  A swimmer of raw power who continues to work on fine tuning she put together a great 200 fly, dropping 4 seconds for a 2:28, just missing the Summer JO time.  She also qualified for the 200 free last weekend at Last Ditch and while she added .5 at WAG was a great help for our 15 and over relays and did a fantastic job cheering for everyone throughout the weekend.



 Rayen Lin: Rayen came out of the gate quick racing Robert Rogers in their 400 IM heat where he dropped 11.5 seconds going 4:48.  Rayen had a small drop in the 100 breast going 1:10 and a 3 sec drop in his 200 IM with a 2:13, just off the Spring JO times.  He also had a very impressive 7 sec drop in his 200 fly going 2:19.  This guy is technically sound and is starting to put together the ability to race which is going to make him very dangerous.



 Abbie Maemoto:  Abbie has been working on her breaststroke all season and it paid off in her 100 where she went a 1:13.  Abbie had been consistently dropping in her freestyle events all season and was near her best times in the 50/100 free and put up a best time in her 200 free going 2:05 on the 800 free relay.  



 Mason McEwen:  Mason added a bit in his 100 free however put together two really nice breaststroke swims.  He had a .9 drop in his 100 going 1:10, getting closer to that Spring JO time along with a 1.7 drop in his 200 breast for a 2:34.    



 Claire Murray:  Claire has had a fantastic season dropping almost every times she swims.  Claire was coming off a week vacation over Thanksgiving but still had some nice swims at WAG.  She finaled in the 400 IM, dropping 7.7 at finals for 6th place going 4:51 for a new Spring JO time.  She also dropped in her 200 back going 2:21, 200 breast with a 2:42along with a small drop in the 500 free for a 5:35, where she was first alternate (and bummed she didn't get to swim it a second time).



 Emily Pitman:  A freestyle sprinter Emily has been focusing on other strokes and pacing all season.  Emily did have a small drop in her 100 free for a 58.09 and another small drop in her 50 going 26.45.  Emily was a huge help all weekend on relays as well, often swimming anchor and finishing strong.



 Sarah Quayle:  Sarah has had a great season so far and continued to do well at WAG.  Sarah dropped 2 sec in her 200 back for a 2:21 and 1.7 in her 100 back going 1:04 just off the Spring JO time.  Sarah had a really nice 200 IM with a 2:21, dropped .5 in her 50 for a 26.56 officially going under 27 for the first time.  Her best race was her 100 fly where she threw down a 1:03.27 just .27 off Spring JOs.  Sarah also learned a valuable lesson about getting your new tech suit wet before racing :)  



 Robert Rogers:  Robert has been consistently one of the hardest workers in practice and it showed this weekend when he got up and raced every single time!  He dropped 12 secs in his 400 IM with a 4:46 just off Spring JOs.  He dropped another 2.6 in his 200 back for a 2:19, and 6 sec in his 200 fly for a 2:17, also just off Spring JOs.  Robert also had a 1.4 sec drop in his individual 100 free for a 54.1 but dropped a 53 in his relay.  He also had a bunch of solid relay swims.



 Kiku Shirakata:  Kiku swam the 100 free, going 59.7 and breaking a minute for the first time.  Kiku also swam the 200 fly where she added a second but continues to work on the details and I'm excited for when it all comes together.     




SENIOR 4 – Coach Sergio



Atom Hashimoto (14) - Although shooting to end the season with Senior Development Champs the following weekend, he swam a great 200Fly (2:10.31) - placing 7th overall, and dropping 7.4-seconds in the process.  He was also a part of three scoring relays - 400 Medley (1st - 58.4, 100Fly), 200 Medley (2nd - 26.9, 50 Fly), & 400 Free (5th - 54.0, 100 Free [best time]).  We are looking forward to seeing what he is capable of with another week of rest!  





Riley Farrell was the lone High Performance swimmer, but contributed in a big way - scoring 44 points in just one night of Finals. Riley was 3rd in the 400 IM, in a time of 4:35.44; 5th in the 100 Breast, just off her best time during her morning swim; 5th in the 100 Free, again only .2 off her best time. In addition to swimming Finals on Friday, Riley also swam Prelims on Sunday and contributed on the Sunday relays. But that’s not it…on Saturday, Riley took it to the classroom and took her ACT!!